Turn in Your Guns or not Guilty Michael Dunn?

I’m watching Jackass Al Sharpton on someNBC talking about the “stand your ground” law in this horrific case of senseless violence where a white man shot and killed ANOTHER unarmed black teenager in a dispute over loud music.

This happened on “black Friday” in 2012 on the day after Thanksgiving day in Jacksonville, Florida and it brings out a number of powerful points and emotions.


That’s what I said to this brother walking down Jefferson Street as I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic in front of the Duval County Courthouse last Monday.

An hour earlier when I was inside the brand new $350 million dollar courthouse I had a discussion on a completely different topic with an Attorney and at the end of our chat he said, “Well, at least you’re not on trial for life like Michael Dunn.”

I was like daaaamn, what?

I told him, I would never shoot somebody because their music was too loud so it’s impossible for me to ever be in Michael Dunn’s situation.

Lawyers.  They  are a very strange breed, very strange indeed.

As a profession they “advocate for the Devil” so much that they don’t realize they aid the cause of evil many times.


This man knows what I’m talking about when it comes to Attorneys. There is a reason why lawyers have a reputation as scum worldwide. They are basically licensed to rip people off. They file some papers in court and we as “the people” have no recourse except to be stupid enough to hire another attorney. I met this man this week on Monday protesting this BS in front of the courthouse.

I know I know.

These types of comments are supposed to be considered “controversial” in our “GODLESS society” while in reality even in the courthouse it says IN GOD WE TRUST and most movies, plays, and dramas always have some plot of a good guy vs a bad guy.

My point is there’s always a clear distinction between right and wrong, you know dudes on white horses and dirty mofos on black stallions.


Personally, I’m for the people, I agree with MLK and Gandhi, I believe we as individual people have the rights.

Therefore, I want to start a discussion on this important issue, I don’t want to fight even though I have to call some people out as jackasses, this is the language of the “pre-paid instigator pundit” so you have to speak their language to communicate with them.

The race bait league is full of Jackasses who all have been paid to promote an agenda and it’s nothing new, Mao Zedong said…

“Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed.”

This is why I think they are going to let Michael Dunn off. 


It’s easy to see the signs.  You have jackasses like Ed Schultz blaming a LAW on killing a man and not the EVIL inside a man.

Meanwhile It’s clear to anybody with common sense that Michael Dunn wanted to kill himself a young “nigger” err “gangsta or thug” remember this is LlenRad I have to keep it real.  He claimed self defense when he started shooting like a mad man into a car filled with young black teens here’s his truck load of BS testimony:

[This was recorded on my little tv on 2/12]

However, glory to God because Michael Dunn’s fiance would not corroborate his FOS story which could have sealed the deal for his defense.  

She said HELL NO to that BS, you know he asked her too, talking about “hey, baby you know I love you they gone send me up the river for life just say he had a gun, pleeeeezzzzee”.

She doesn’t fear him she apparently fears God or she’s the type of person that knows the difference between right and wrong, good and evil you can even see it in her eyes, WATCH:

Now, if his fiance wouldn’t at least LIE for his ass you know he killed that young man in cold blood.

God bless Jordan Davis and his family, and the shooter too, and all of us.

What makes this tragedy worse is these race baiting pre-paid pundits using this event as a political extravaganza.

It’s like a circus with real tents and all, here’s a pic I took of the lot where all the media is set up:


The media tent scene, pictured on the far right is the brother I told that they would let Michael Dunn off. Seems like the media is setting up for something big. I remember when I was in Miami for the Super Bowl watching ESPN set up for SportsCenter it just seems like something big is about to happen.   

I started thinking that in reality this is a non-story UNLESS Michael Dunn is found NOT GUILTY isn’t it?

I’m thinking maybe all the media knows something that we don’t, maybe that’s the reason why there were so many administrative orders issued by the court months earlier outlawing certain practices like protesting from the courthouse grounds area and even defining the “media”:



It didn’t stop me though I still got some footage.

I filmed this brother protesting on Monday and Friday last week here’s two clips:

Monday 2/3

Friday 2/7

He’s obviously pissed off and his harsh rhetoric I’m sure is echoed by many people in this county and country.

However, I think that anger only leads to mistakes.

He is obviously angry and whenever you take action when you’re angry you will end up making a big mistake that will leave you even more angry.

Anger begets anger.

This is why I love what MLK taught us about such things,


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.


This is the big problem that the so called “NEW” black panther party members are facing.  You cannot retaliate yourself into anything except war and this is the reason why people who advocate violence as a tactic must not be trusted.

The same goes for these gun grabbing pundits that want to blame a law for a murder.  This shows their true colors which is to strip you of your rights.

  • They don’t give a damn about black people or they would make a big deal about the 1965 voting rights bill being repealed.
  • They would make a big deal out of stop and frisk.
  • They would make a big deal out of black unemployment being double that of non-blacks.

They would make a big deal out of black on black murders, what is this thing about black people killing each other what that’s “ok” but it’s a big deal when “whitey” is behind the trigger?

That’s BS.

If these so called pundits cared for black people they would be for black people exercising their rights including the ones that come WITH GUNS.



This is what the gun grabbers like jackass Mayor Bloomberg just don’t understand.

We the people, have the right to defend our self.

We don’t loose our right because someone commits a murder and calls it self defense.

We are not inmates in a prison where if someone pisses in the hallway we’re all in trouble.

The good news is at least the Jacksonville Sheriff deputy did arrest Michael Dunn after this shooting unlike George Zimmerman so they did their job. 

If their work is undone it will be the doing of a “higher authority”.

Here’s where the corruption comes in.

See, just a few weeks ago it was in the news about how ex governor Charlie Christ was caught reportedly “selling Judges”, a shocking charge but it’s one of many that has come out of his recent campaign for re-election.  I think he’s running for congress or some office whatever.

Anyway, it shows signs that corruption could be systematic and if a Governor could sell a judge then the powers at be could surely “fix” the outcome of a trial or two, couldn’t they?


This is why I’m almost sad in advance that they are somehow going to find a way to let Michael Dunn off for murdering young Jordan Davis. 

Then, after he gets off or gets a reduced charge or whatever, they’ll tell us we have to pass anti-gun legislation and repeal “stand your ground” which will pit black people against white people.

White people will say, “Hey, I don’t want my rights reduced because of some idiot”.

Pre paid black pundits will say, “You’re a racist!” Then select corrupt church leaders will echo this sentiment confusing the masses and instigating the situation.

Meanwhile, they don’t want to answer the tough questions, Why are the so called “black civil rights leaders” and “community organizers” afraid to tell us to defend ourselves with the GUNS that we have a civil right to own?  Why aren’t they emphasizing that this “stand your ground” law protects us TOO?

Now it’s over to you, what do you think?




Organization to repeal Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

Data from Stand Your Ground cases

NYTIMES:  Supreme Court Invalidates Key Part of Voting Rights Act

Fundraiser testifies that ex Governer Charlie Christ “Sold Judges” in Florida

Zimmerman Protesters in California running out in the interstate

Governor Rick Scott’s company caught in largest Medicare fraud case in history.

PEW RESEARCH:  Black unemployment is consistently double that of whites.

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It’s a “NIGGA” thang maybe you would understand.


In this article I hope to help explain for you a small part of the cultural phenomenon which is known as the NIGGA.

I know.

I get it.

It’s controversial and not politically correct or whatever due to the treacherously hideous history of  indignant hatefulness against black people in America.

by white people AND by Black people.

SO, I understand.

People are still very sensitive to this topic as is their right.

However, it’s also our right to move on as, WE THE PEOPLE who really want to LIVE together in PEACE on OUR planet.

So, it’s time that we start to look at each other and understand the GOOD and BAD about each other NOT in a way to HATE each other more effectively but to understand and LOVE each other MORE.

Perfect example.

Black people who live in northern cities like New York and Philadelphia have a negative connotation with the word “REDNECK”.  To them this means a racist white man with foul intentions like a KKK member.

Whereas black people who live in southern cities like Atlanta or Tampa know that very few REDNECKS are actually racists and as a matter of fact there are even some black people who consider themselves REDNECKS.

Thomas Sowell wrote a book that used this loaded term in it’s title: Black Rednecks and White Liberals.


Add to this the fact that there are OTHER people in AMERICA it’s not just black people and white people dealing with this “NIGGA” sh1t.  Asian, Latin, Indian, and Arab Americans are affected by it too.






In the 18th century before America even declared it’s independence there were REAL haters like Willie Lynch who not only owned black people as slaves but he also taught other slave owners for generations how to control their slaves by playing mind games like teaching them they were NOT men but NIGGERS and strategically pitting them against each other.

When America was founded it was written in its original constitution that black people were to be counted for representation at a rate of 3/5th’s that of white people.

This was called the  Three-Fifth’s compromise.  This means if you had a city with a high black population like New Orleans or Birmingham the number of government representatives would be drastically less than those with high white populations.  Therefore 1,000,000 black men, women, and children would equal 600,000 people in the eye of the US government under these rules. 

By the 19th Century America had a CIVL WAR over a number of north/south issues and crazy psychopaths like Nathan Bedford Forrest started a terrorist organization called the Klu Klux Klan that started ruthlessly murdering black people systematically.

It got so bad that it even led to the inspiration of the all time classic blues song by Billie Holiday called strange fruit which is about people NOT fruit hanging from trees.

As the 20th century arrived black people like WEB Dubois began to document the reality of life in America for “negros” with his self published magazine called The Crisis.

A generation later legendary leaders surfaced in the community like Fred Hampton, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X , and Martin Luther King, Jr

The Music sounded like James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding.


Then about ten years later, HIP-HOP.

Frustrated with the progress of just marching for change the youth went another route in expressing the painful realities of their lives over beats and rhymes.

One of the first all time classic songs to tell this story was called THE MESSAGE by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.

It’s lyrics, “Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to loose my head….huh, huh, huh, huh-huh” 

…is basically the mentality of a NIGGA.

Some people may say WHY?

Why are black men so angry?

Well just think, at this point it’s 1982 and for the last 20 years black people had just watched the most positive, thoughtful, and intelligent among them MURDERED in cold blood at the height of their careers:


Ronald Reagan a beloved Hollywood actor was the president of the United States and according to Oliver North and Iran Contra he was actively importing cocaine in America and especially the black community.

…and he used black people to do the dirty work.

The REAL Rick Ross began to distribute cocaine and before long it went nationwide and had taken over life and culture in the black community.  This new poison converting what was a black renaissance from a generation earlier as portrayed in the movie Harlem Nights into a night of the living crack heads as portrayed by Public Enemy in the music video Night Of The Living Baseheads. 



Hip-Hop had made the transition from artistic to political to now REALITY.

In much of the same way that an argument goes from a polite disagreement, to an argument, to an all out shouting match hip-hop progressed as well broadcasting the message of a NIGGA for all to hear.

N.W.A. Niggaz With Attitudes was a group that personified the idea of what a NIGGA was all about with songs like:  “Straight Outta Compton” and  “Fuck tha Police.”



By now hip-hop is starting to take over the mainstream and the personification of what a NIGGA was is take on a new look.

Now the message is not just for “black people” anymore as white people began to connect in a genuine way and support the industry to overwhelming popularity.

Now a NIGGA wasn’t just wearing jeans and ADIDAS he was racing drop top 500 benz’s backwards for no reason with a Versace shirt on:



The 21st century started with HIP-HOP continuing it’s dominance not only on black culture but on all popular culture.

The music absolutely immersed young people in hits from Cash Money Records never ending array of SMASH singles to Jay-Z and his decade lasting personification of a NIGGA in big pimpin “spending cheese”:

Notice Dame dash spraying women in bikinis with campaign bottles for no reason this is a perfect example of what is called “Ignorant” NIGGA shit. That is shit that real NIGGAS consider ignorant.  No ONE likes an IGNORANT NIGGA.


Kanye West burst on to the scene and showed the world a glimpse of what a real NIGGA can do when he called out George Bush hilariously:

Kanye FORCED a US president to respond to him showing the amazing power that a NIGGA possess.  Many people don’t know when Kanye made this statement during this live telethon that it was intentionally blacked off the air on the west coast.  In other words Kanye on full NIGGA mode straight shut shit down.  Even Bush says this comment was the, “Low level of his presidency”

 That’s amazing and this bastard told lies and started wars that killed how many people?


Katt Williams defined the NIGGA mentality with his description of a “terrorist” NIGGA in a 2007 stand up routine:


The second decade of the 21st century HIP-HOP continued its dominance by telling more stories of the NIGGA and it’s popularity couldn’t be stronger.

Now consumers seek strong doses of their favorite content in a new digital format and hustlers turned entrepreneurs broker big deals on the NEXT level.

For example Jay-Z’s latest album Magna Carter shipped over 1 million copies as it was distributed exclusively by Samsung in a first of its kind collaboration on any level.

Samsung could have chosen any genre or artists to promote their latest smart phone but they chose HIP-HOP and, a NIGGA in this case JIGGA.  Here’s Rick Ross “the rap artist” performing fuck with me you know I got it a song which literally is exactly the type of shit that NIGGAS say and ARE ON.

Rick Ross says it best himself, “Look at me, a pure NIGGA.” listen to the song here.


Fast forward to Sunday, Jan 19 2014.

Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks  just reminded America of the NIGGA mentality.

After getting into some typical “NIGGA shit” with opposing wide receiver Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers he then made an amazing clutch play literally crushing the hopes of his opponent then in classic NIGGA fashion he…………showed his ass.

Watch this play Sorry can’t embed the video here NFL [Click here to watch the amazing play on Yahoo Sports]:


Now watch how he acts on this interview look at the interviewer Erin Andrews she’s like THIS NIGGA ha haaaaaaa!”

Some people may say why would someone behave this way?

Well lets see.

Imagine you’re 25 years old from Compton California, home of “FUCK THE POLICE” and you just made the game winning play that sends your team to the Super Bowl and you’re rich as a mutherfuck3r. 

The chances of you showing your ass to the full extent of your capabilities is a VERY high possibility.



The interesting thing is he did explain his behaviors in his own words showing that just like the incredible hulk the NIGGA is just a powerful or power-filled personality that comes out some times and the intelligent black man is the mindset most of the time like Bruce Banner (That’s the Incredible Hulk kids).



GREG HOWARD for DEADSPIN was the only writer to get what happen in his article titled “Richard Sherman And The Plight Of The Conquering Negro”


Truthfully, this is the mentality of a NIGGA.

It’s to kick ass, not necessarily take names, definitely don’t care specifically and generally just don’t give a fuck, bitch.


Jay-Z’s What more can I say is essentially the mentality of the NIGGA,

“Never been a NIGGA this good for this long”

“this hood or this pop this hot or this Strong…”






#1 – We defend each other and this starts with BLACK people since we want most to be understood. They say to be understood you must first seek to understand.  So this is the first step for us.

This starts by understanding that there were many WHITE people who helped black people like:

Who all campaigned for the abolition of the slave trade.

Also it’s time to draw attention to people like Michael Schwerner & Andrew Goodman.

They helped black people and their cause for civil rights as they saw all people the same and they were murdered for doing so by the Klu Klux Klan.

Black people it’s our job to bring this up to other black people when they say negative comments about WHITE people.

White people do the same.

When you hear white people making negative comments about black people defend us as you would want someone to do for you.



#2 – Refuse to be instigated.

When the next race relations incident happens please don’t fall for the bait and go on the internet embarrassing yourself.

Just acknowledge it’s a cheap trick call it out, laugh at it and make fun of the instigator idiots in the media who promote negativity until something bad happens like they did with Tupac and Biggie.


 #3 – Listen to each other. 

So now after reading this surely you have your points to add so go ahead do your thing in the comment section below but please be kind.

We’re not trying to fight here go to HUFFPO if you want to name call.

The point here is to have a meaningful discussion on an important topic.





The truth is the word NIGGA is very important and it is a word of endearment and CONQUEST as black people took this word that was designed to inflict harm and pain and now use it to uplift each other.

I’m also noticing a clear trend in movies where EVERYONE wants to get in on the fun too.

All the latest films have white people, Indians, and Asians using this supposedly controversial term with each other.

Why would they do this unless they knew it was a way to show someone else hey you’re my close friend through the thick and thin.

This proves that EVERYONE is watching what we do black people so take this in consideration, my NIGGA.




This conquering f*ck the world attitude is not just for “the blacks” either



More examples of Nigga-im.

Ryan Higa is an extremely popular and talented Asian dude what did he choose to call his YouTube channel? You got it, NiGA hiGa.

Now, I don’t think Ryan is a racist Asian also known as a Rasian but clearly he’s inserting NIGGA into his brand image, the question is, WHY?

Also, not to be outdone washed up has been superstar Madonna made headlines when she called her own son a NIGGA.  She said she was using this controversial word as a “term of endearment” for her son, who’s white.   The thing is, she is she also has a black son that she adopted. As you can see this nigga thang is very complicated.



Richard Sherman responds to the NFL looking to BAN the “N WORD” ha haaaaaaaaaa!

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How to End the Global Apartheid


Today is the first day in 95 years that Nelson Mandela has not been here on Earth with us.

During this time span, just 5 years short of a century this man spent 27 years in prison because he fought for the rights of ALL people in South Africa.

What he fought against was an immoral government system of oppression called Apartheid.

This in summary was a brutal racial system of segregation where the real population of a nation the black South Africans were ruled by a small group of white Europeans who declared themselves “elite”.

All the official positions in government were held exclusively by WHITE people AND  it was officially illegal for BLACK Africans to vote or even travel to certain parts of town.

The “elite” class would regularly commit systematic crimes against the people including stealing their property and kicking them out of their homes with no prosecution or consequence.

Does this sound familiar?


Pictured above is JPMorganChase’s Jamie Dimon wearing what looks like White House cuff-links, who’s firm has been caught in numerous financial crimes but has remained immune from criminal prosecution and has never faced incarceration.

JPM and firms like his just continue to operate no matter how many times they get caught red handed.

Their “financial Apartheid” system is pretty easy to understand actually, they use their bank to rob people blind with their complex tom foolery bait and switch Fokury.

Then they take some of the spoils of their robbery (the loose change basically), buy a few choice select pre-paid politicians or all of them, and do it again and again until they run out of money.

When they’re out of cash they just tell their pre-purchased politicians to get them a “bail out” where the tax payers are robbed again to give the banks even more money.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, now they have upgraded to the “bail in” model.

This is the robbery-remix if you will where the money is taken directly from the people’s savings accounts and given to the banks, to “help” them survive to rob us blind another day.


This morning I started thinking if this isn’t modern day Apartheid I don’t know what is.

Here’s financial analyst Max Keiser on financial apartheid:



How to End Global Apartheid

Enough is enough.

The greedy bastards are not going to stop themselves they are getting used to how they live and we unfortunately are getting used to working harder and earning less.

As people we fight harder than ever for ever shrinking measly crumbs like an increase in minimum wage or an extension of unemployment benefits while they get BILLIONS at a time in their no bid contracts and then portray the people as “useless eaters”.

The “middle class” has lost their ass and are now working class.

It’s hilarious but it’s sad at the same time. Here’s how to get rid of this insane immoral system:


#1 – Go Mandela on that ass. 

Learn from Nelson Mandela’s life and pick up where he left off.  He lived for 34,839 days and in that time he made an amazing impact this world will never forget.

Imagine if 34,839 people spent one day per year doing the same?

What if they spent one day a month or week speaking the truth to liars and standing up for what is right.

Imagine how this world would change?

Read Mandela’s autobiography: Long Walk to Freedom

Understand HOW he won by taking the HIGH road at each and every turn.

Even though his people were being oppressed in their own communities by colonial minded racist white people he did not promote black hatred against whites as he understood this would make him no better than them.

Instead he acknowledged the fact that both sides are suffering and that reconciliation is the only way forward.

Also, consider how much more effective his non violent strategy was in comparison to the early years where the revolution he led admitted to organizing some acts of violence against the Apartheid government in retaliation for killing people on their own lands.

Also remember that Nelson Mandela was basically the only person that I can think of in the last 100 years to lead people to freedom and defuse the situation so well with his adversaries that he avoided assassination for his entire life.  Not that they didn’t try but it’s true at some point that they did eventually stop trying to kill this great man and instead started to show respect. 

Just think,  Martin Luther King Jr and Mahatma Gandhi were both assassinated while Mandela lived to be 95, I wonder what they’re talking about now?


#2 – Go Edward Snowden on that ass.

If you work for one of these banks and you are asked to ROBOSIGN some documents illegally or commit some other form of FRAUD you may not know it but when the sh1t hits the fan they’re going to lock YOUR ass up.

Instead of falling for this trick expose it at every single turn.

Pull an Edward Snowden on that ass.

You will help defend other people from these banks and their fraud and you may even get paid in the process.

You could write a book and explain your story from the inside especially after you document things for a few months it would be a best seller without a doubt.

Also, if you feel your rights have been violated by being forced to commit crimes or you have been harmed in other ways you could file a law suit in court and recover damages.

However, if you’re too high up and you want out and you don’t know how to pull it off just FLEE like Ed did and start over from scratch somewhere else.

YOU don’t have to do wrong anymore, my friend stop hating yourself life’s too short.


#3 – Go old school on that ass.

Cash out.  Stop borrowing tomorrow today with the loans and credit.

Accept that if you can’t pay cash you cannot afford it.

Seriously, how can you afford to pay for the item PLUS interest if you can’t afford to pay for the item?

Who do you think you are fooling?

If you want more “stuff”, land, property, electronics, jewelry then you should increase your means.

If you accept a loan for what you KNOW you don’t have the money to pay for today you are falling for their trick.

Also, consider closing your bank accounts especially if it’s with CHASE or the other criminal banks if you don’t absolutely need them for your business.

If you’re like most people you end up loosing money to your bank at the end of the year anyway after they hit you up side your head with the service fee stick.

Consider converting your long term savings to ancient materials such as gold and silver.  NO, don’t trade gold or silver invest in it for the long term this is 5 – 10 years.

Educate yourself about BitCoin.  The newest decentralized currency that’s taking off like a bottle rocket.

Personally I think that BitCoin has a bright future especially since Amazon accepts BitCoin payments.  This is the driving factor behind my belief that this digital currency could do to money what social media did to the internet.

Then take it all the way old school by getting back connected with YOUR family.

Stop thinking fun is sitting in front of the TV all day.

Screw the football game, get outside and discover real life with your loved ones and teach them better than what you were taught.  BREAK THE CYCLE.





finance.yahoo.com 11 billion fine just cost of doing business JPMorgan

Bail ins:  silverdoctors.com bail-in

Max Keiser on Digital Apartheid


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White House Smoke Screen?

Would it be the first time?

I have to tell it like it is on LlenRad.


Finish this sentence:

Where there’s smoke there’s ________.

No there’s a headline on DrudgeReport.com, Huffingpost.com, and WashingtonPost.com that alerts everyone of a big evacuation at the White House.


“Seems” harmless enough right?

No big deal just an elecric TRANSFORMER that mysteriously started smoking and caused an evacuation of ONLY the press room.

Nothing going on here right?

Until you look at the last scene in the White House Press Room.

Check out Jay Carney on the hot seat on Friday.

I have to say I’ve never seen a US president spokesperson this jibbly jabily on direct questions.

He seemed to be put off his game by the fact that people in the room didn’t just throw him under hand softball questions or just straight up complimenting his tie.

Check this out:


Now the next morning the headline is something about smoke in the press room at the White House and an evacuation due to smoke and the next meeting with reporters is private.


This means Barack Obama the also apparently deserves a patent to go along with his peace prize for discovering a way to create smoke from heat without fire.

He must be a freaking magician.

However, you can tell by the comments on HuffPo that the POTUS is losing his Midas touch even with his own core constituency, “the trendies”.

Now everything he touches turns to crap, drudge even updated his headline about a second term curse  it’s getting so bad.

Personally, I’m not surprised.

When you start telling lies and 3/8th quarter truths, the only thing that you can do is tell more lies until you end up sounding like Bill Clinton waving your finger at the camera talking about what you didn’t do or Bush cracking jokes about where the WMDs are.


It’s sad how it ends when “powerful” people get lost in their own ego and criminality.

This is why I say WE, the people have THE RIGHTS and those dudes they just have jobs.

This is the reality of the situation.


That and the fact that it’s impossible that an electric transformer started smoking without there being a FIRE.

Electrical wires in mechanical rooms don’t just spontaneously smoke sometimes and then return to normal.

They aren’t magical incenses.

They are high voltage insulated copper wires.

Smoke doesn’t come from “over heating” smoke come from fire.


Isn’t it ironic that the only fire at white house story you can find today if you search GOOGLE is the story about the White House coming under FIRE for using the IRS to go after political foes.

I guess it’s like that told saying, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.





The following Monday:

  1. George Will: Jay Carney’s ‘Usefulness to This Administration is Diminishing Rapidly’
  2. AP calls government’s record seizure a ‘massive and unprecedented intrusion’
  3. Look at Obama at a HBCU talking about he’s a black man and he “might of been in prison”  Ha haaaa if you don’t let those GITMO hostages free you gone end up in prison dude, #Karma.


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Guantánamo Hostages. Why are we doing this?


This is the first video post that I have published for LlenRad and I want to hear what you have to say.

I haven’t posted as much as I would like due to so much going on but I really want to hear from you on this important issue.

How do you feel about “The Hussein” talking about, “Why are we doing this?” 


My initial reaction when I read OBAMA’s remarks on the Guantánamo Hostages was WE are not doing this man YOU are doing this.

Why are YOU doing this?

I don’t know, I’m not sure who knows either.

Maybe its:

  • Because Bush told you to?
    That’s why I call you Black Bush, but recently I had to be corrected because actually you are half black so that would make you Half-Black Bush.  Either way we can’t tell if George W ever left office bra.
    Remember when you were taking about prosecuting Bush for war crimes?  Ha Haaaaaaaa yeah right now look at you smiling and grinning at Bush’s library ceremony.  If you’re not a Bush TOOL you sure act exactly like one.
  • Because the UN told you to?
    We know about your position on the UN security council while at the same time holding office as president of the United States.  That’s illegal man.  You can’t serve two masters people know that so maybe you are serving one over seas?  You sure as hell aren’t working for us anymore.
  • Because you like it?
    Lets face it.  Bush tortured and bombed those people because he liked it and the dirty little secret is you do too.Just like everyone thought “it” was Bobby and then they found out later it was “Whitney” B-Rock it’s you man.You like to hurt people don’t you?  Why else would you sign into law the NDAA which gives YOU ALONE the right to indefinitely incarcerate Americans without charges or trial.  Isn’t it ironic this is the exact same deal that the hostages in Guantánamo have?


Barrack listen to me very closely.

You still have time.

Do the right thing man.

I know it will probably end bad for you if you back stab your back stabbing friends like Bush and Cheney & co.

But, if you do the right thing and end this evil that your up to then you will forever be remembered for doing the right thing.

All you have to do is use your executive order to close this hostage camp and set these people free who haven’t been charged with ANYTHING.

A free nation must love freedom and justice not POWER over man.

Ultimately the unjust will be judged and the POWER will return to the people.

YOU could be the one to do it man so I urge you to stop acting like a Bush and tap into your inner soul brother if there is any left in you and finally do the right thing.

Keep your brother, but not in a damn cell if he hasn’t been charged with a crime.

If he has been charged let him defend himself and stop all of this treachery and lawyer talk double-speak hatefulness,  we can see your horns man.

To answer YOUR question, We didn’t do this WE would have NEVER done this.

BUSH did this and YOU, YOU are keeping it going now STOP IT!


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April fools? No it’s your real life


Is back.




It’s not April Fools day it’s just your real life.


It has been 117 days since I last wrote for LlenRad.

It seems like 117 million things have happened in this time.


Where should I start?



#1 – Barack Obama signs the Monsanto protection act

This means the food supply in America will continue to be flooded with genetically modified food which has been directly linked to terrible health problems.

This isn’t surprising being that the crops are designed to kill the bugs that eat them and they caused horrible tumors in mice but Monsanto’s lawyers say it’s safe for YOU to eat even though THEY won’t eat it.



#2 – Barack Obama signs FISA the Warrant-less Wiretapping bill.

It’s called warrantless because by law and common sense you need a warrant from a judge to tap someone’s phone line and listen to their private conversation.

This is what brought down President Nixon after all in the Water-Gate scandal.

You wonder why they put a “gate” on the end of all the scandals?

Yeah it’s because a US president once got caught tapping phones and he ended up resigning over it.

Now days all you hear about is how someone’s phone was conveniently tapped like David the Betrayer and his side piece.

That whole story got busted because of warrantless wire taps which have always been illegal in America and any free society.



#3 – Barack Obama, the UN, and their celebrities buddies want you to turn in your guns.

This is exactly the opposite of what the government is supposed to be doing in America.

They are supposed to be defending our rights as described in the constitution, not finding new creative ways to take them away by working with foreign organizations like the UN and Hollywood actors and actresses.

Yeah right, Americans need to hear to Beyonce, Chris Rock, and Jim Carrey tell them to turn in their guns that they paid for with their own money.

Jim Carrey made such a fool out of himself that he had to go crawling back and act like he was just kidding after his latest gun grabbing stunt.


What happens when the public is unarmed and unable to defend themselves?  Well, the thugs take over and then they even arrest the police.

What makes it all so sad is the same trendies who promote  disarming Americans surround themselves by armed security guards.



#4 – Obama’s version of Romney care increases insurance premiums on Americans as expected.

Now if people don’t pay this new Health Care tax they have to deal with the IRS.

This report from the New York Times says that SOME premiums will increase.

Some will not change like those who occupy the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government.

They’re policies I’m sure will not increase or change one red cent.

However, you on the other hand and your family are NOT like SOME people are you?



#5 – Janet “Le Superfreak” Napalitano finally responds to the buying of over a billion of rounds of ammo for the “Department of Homeland Security”.

This brand new agency started by George W Bush has been arming to the TEETH like they are planning for an all out war or something.

Why they are buying billions of rounds of ammo I don’t know you be the judge.

DHS has been buying hollow point ammo at an exponential pace while at the same time telling Americans that buying guns and owning ammo is bad.

They’re even talking about making people buy insurance for their guns and even presenting strange new regulations on ammo.

But then there’s this report that says, “The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had minimal involvement in the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force Operation Fast and Furious.” So they admit to being involved but who knows how much?

…oh yeah, the Prime Thug.



#6 – Professional trendies promote cancelling the constitution.

This is what it all boils down to.

They say they don’t have to live under our laws but somehow they want us to live under their rules.

The US constitution is just a document guarantees SOME of our rights in writing but professional con men, corrupt politicians, and brainwashed trendies want to “change” that.

Now this wasn’t the change that we talked about, was it?

These super trendies seem so anxious to move “forward” against the will of so many Americans.

All we see is one bill after the next slowly eroding American rights in the name of “keeping us safe”.

What’s the big rush to hurt people who after all paid for the bank bailout that supposedly saved the economy?

If trendies wouldn’t support Mitt Romney choosing the rights that we ALL have why do they support Obama doing the same?



 #7 – Bio Terror lab loses terrible virus.

Continuing the life is a movie theme like the Batman movie shooting in Aurora, Co.

The latest breaking news is that a Vial of deadly virus is missing from a Texas bioterror lab.

Freaking great dudes.

My question is why the FHUK are you morons making these viruses anyway?

Oh yeah that’s right, the most maniacal psychopaths always plot to destroy people scientifically, in the movies.

Good thing we live in one big ass movie.



#8 – Google honors Cesar Chavez on Easter instead of Moses or Jesus.

If you don’t know your history you are doomed to repeat the mistakes of your past.

People are truly lost when they have forgot where they come from.

No matter what people say they know their grand parents taught them better.

It’s hard to blame people these days for losing trust and faith with the way these corrupted churches operate.

People need to know you can believe in God and practice your faith without “organized religion”.

You are free to figure it out for yourself but it starts with the text.  Reading is fundamental.



#9 – Judges can now use a Truth Serum on you.

Yeah seriously.

Imagine you are accused of a crime.

You say NO I did not do it.

They say, “give him the truth serum”.

Then you come back and say, ok I did do it. but they won’t accept it for some reason.

If this is America in 2013 where will we be in 2023?



#10 – The Pope pulled a Sarah Palin.

The new pope is named Frances and every time I hear his name I think of the Notorious BIG’s verse on all about the Benjamin’s .

It’s hilarious.

I think the old pope was the first head of state to be shamed out of office by the internet.

Some may say it was because of some bull crap health issue but it was the internets man I’m telling you.

Dude was the creepiest looking weirdo ever and he actually did help child rapists.

It’s also odd the timing of the whole thing.  The last time a pope quit was 600 years ago to the day.

Makes you wonder what these dudes in funny clothes are up to.  Was this whole thing planned?




#11 – Judge rules The abortion pill is now ok to be sold to minors.


Don’t want to tell your mommy you’ve been having sex?

Now you can get rid of the baby fast just go to the vending machine and buy a pack of baby be gone.

It’s really sad.

I remember when they first started talking about this when I was in school now look where we are.

It’s just tragic seeing people who were given the gift of life working gleefully to prevent others from enjoying the same.

Read this G+ post re-share by Joe Jain



#12 – Obama gone cut medicare and social security.

Yeah I said it right.

It’s like the story of the snake and the frog part II.

The moral to the story is you can’t blame the snake for being a snake it’s just a snake.

Check out the reaction of loyal trendies on dailykos one of the comments was “I feel like puking.”

It’s hilarious the game of wack-a-mole these crooks play.

Now you see why LlenRad no candy coat it trendies?  I got love for you that’s why I’m keeping it real with you.



#13 – More Americans living in poverty than ever before.

The loyal trendies who want to keep up an image of success will tell you that everything is going awesome and it’s time to buy a house.





Now it’s over to you.


How do you feel about the 13 biggest stories of 2013?

Which stories did I miss?

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What defines America more than this word?

What it stands for.

Where it got popular.

What it means.


Today nicksupasaur pulled off a legendary FAIL and embarrassed himself at the same time proving my point better than I ever could.

The throw a rock and hide your hand technique no bro too late.

This is the only conclusion that I could reach after going through a process of reaction to this confused foolish young man who for whatever reason took time out of his life to make sure that #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithNigguh was a trending topic on twitter.

  • Did he spend time to raise money for starving children?   Nope.
  • Did he spend time trying to earn money? Nope.
  • Did he spend time just resting and being peaceful? Nope.

He could have been successful at any number of things that would have been positive and beneficial but noooooooooo.  He Just has to make fun of black people.  Not Asian people like he is mind you, or white people, or Latino people, or any type of person just the blacks.  It’s always the blacks, why?

The options to react to this are:

  1. Anger.  Hope this bastard learns his lesson the hard way for running his mouth and being disrespectful.
  2. Sadness.  Just at the idea that the situation has got to this point.
  3. Clarity.  In understanding what this is really about.  The birth of a new segment of bigots in America:  The Racist Asians or as they can be called from now on out Raisins.

WTF is a Raisin?  A Racist Asian.

This is the newest trend that’s growing like Gangnam style in the trendy world.  Ignorant Asians who think its fun to be racist and make fun of  black people.

Notice that they don’t think it’s funny to use insulting Asian slurs for jokes.  It’s not like Asians don’t have plenty of terms to choose from and it’s not like the jokes wouldn’t be just as funny.

This is about disrespect.

I know people want to conclude like small minded children that since black people say it to each other then everyone can say it to us?  Well, this proves how much smarter black people are than everyone thinks.  Obviously we understand basic reasoning.

We were smart enough to flip a negative into a positive.  For hundreds of years we were called NIGGER.  In about 20 years we took a term of punishment and made it a term of endearment for our own exclusive use.  

What raisins and other bigots like the KKK fail to realize is we use our terms on EACH OTHER not other people for a reason.  It’s like black Cosa Nostra or our thing, no soprano.  Good, bad, indifferent, it is what it is; but, it’s FUBU.  For us by us.  

Imagine how ignorant it would sound for males to make jokes about females using the word BITCH.  It does’t work like that and men are smart enough to know better.  Women can call each other bitch every other word if they want to,  if it’s girl talk or something that’s appropriate in girl-girl discussions.

Notice, there are no men fighting to convince females that’s it’s ok for dudes to call them bitches.

Notice, there are RACIST ASIANS RAISINS trying to convince us it’s cool for them to call us niggers.

==========> DON’T MISS: 5 More Ways to prevent the American Race War Riot

To nicksupasaur’s thousands of followers and all you racists fools who want to use black people as a punch line to get popular quick on social media, LISTEN UP.  While you laugh and make jokes we remain the mighty Africans in America who have been under attack by the strongest forces of EVIL on this planet for generations.  If you think your disrespectful antics will be tolerated without recourse you are sadly mistaken.  Let me put it to you like this, you better ask somebody what’s at the end of the road you’re traveling.  You may want to turn around or chose a better route.  I hope you don’t find out the hard way.

==========> DON’T MISS: Why Abortion is Eugenics


Man, NAS was right:

They say we N-I double G-E-R, we are
Much more, but still we choose to ignore
The obvious, we the slave and the master
What you lookin for? You the question and the answer


To you blissfully ignorant fools who still think racism doesn’t exist consider this.  In 2012 there are now race based standards being accepted in schools all across this country which allows black students to pass even if they read more POORLY than whites and ASIANS.  This is what institutionalized racism is all about.  I know some people still won’t get it.  

Why do you think it was illegal for black people who were forced to work this land as slaves to read books about freedom?


Shout out to @DearDreamkiller on Twitter for adding more information on this story.  The racist Asian or Raisin that is it the subject of this post is also you guessed it a member of an organization called the KEY club.  Here’s a picture:

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