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Ultimate Sacrifice


  The #1 story of 2011 is one of ultimate sacrifice.  Many people know of the massive protest in Egypt of 2011 but who knows why it really started? The media has not explained the truth of what happened here.

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Can we stop the IRAN WAR?


We don’t need to argue anymore about the Iraq do we?  The media tricked the public and instead of informing of the facts they repeated propaganda and led the country into a war undeclared by the american people’s representation. The congress

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Good Cop


Someone has to do the right thing.  People can be terrible followers this after all is our most despicable trait.  It seems there is nothing we won’t do especially if someone else “told us to do it.” History has proven that

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Happy Thanks Taking


This year is the start of a new tradition a start of renewal.  Why don’t we live and die clean?  Why not begin today being the people we want to be? Could we create the land we always wanted for

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Why are these people after Jamie D?

American Bankers Wanted

What would make so many people gather outside the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Seattle?  The answer is Crime.  Crimes that the people protesting say JP Morgan Chase top boss Jamie Dimon committed over the the last few “bailout” years. The protesters say

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How do you know if your paranoid?


If you check the doors to make sure they are locked an extra time or two before bed then you are probably like most people.  If you continuously check the locks over and over again repeatedly for hours then you

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Would you give your life to Apple? So far 23 people have.


The news of Steve Jobs recent passing sent shock waves throughout our society and international culture. Steve Jobs a legendary icon in the world of technology, business, and marketing had lost his life. Many people knew of the ongoing medical

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