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School Bus driver Karen Klein harassed by kids gets $425k, meanwhile Stop & Frisk continues.


If you look closely you might see the big picture.  Remember that thing at the top of your neck is not a hat rack.  I heard this story about Karen Klein a school bus driver who was “bullied” by kids recently in

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UN Rio+20: “Jesus ain’t black or white, he’s GREEN”


How far does this thing have to go?  It’s now to the point where the so called superior minds of the global warming society have dipped to a new low.  To draw attention to their big important meeting happening this

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Obama’s having a bad day on Summer Solstice for crying out loud.


Not sure which cliche’ to use in this situation: “You reap what you sew” Seems to match the situation though. The 2012 Obama campaign for president is in some hot water for one reason.  The president is way off his

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Have we forgot America on Independence day?


Yeah I know.  This may seem controversial to some people but who cares.  My job is to tell it like it is and let the chips fall as they may.  Some may prefer to watch another replay of that old

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Microsoft Tablet + Keyboard = Where’s my laptop?


Remember the PDA days?  Remember the smart phone rise?  Remember that grey area when it wasn’t sure which way it would go until everyone understood that the new smart phones could do everything the best PDA’s could plus much more

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins NASCAR nation thrives


I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won a NASCAR race and he did it on Father’s day.  Talk about timing.  Talk about meaning. Listen.  I’m not a gigantic NASCAR fan per se

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Lebron James and the NBA asterisk


They say you shouldn’t paint yourself into a corner.  In my opinion this is what the NBA and Lebron James has done to themselves. The NBA in their infinite wisdom allowed a second season to be incomplete in 13 years

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