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Apple: Samsung has OUR earnings


Recently the business and technology world was rocked when their favorite stock AAPL  missed analysts projected targets for 2nd quarter 2012. The reaction to the news is what has me interested.  Apple is in an unenviable position where their biggest

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Will Mitt Romney flip flop on Gun Rights?

Will Romney Flip Flop again?

Did Barack Obama flip flop on wars?  What do you think? Can you trust what Mitt Romney Says?  What did he say about abortion at first?  What did he say later? What does your gut tell you about this guy, honestly?  Don’t

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Rupert Murdoch: I have intergalactic diplomatic immunity

Rupert Murdoch has impunity

They’ll Kick You, Then They Beat You,Then They’ll Tell You It’s Fair -Micheal Jackson How are people reacting to the fact that America now openly has two sets of rules again just like the 1960′s.  One set for the peasants and

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Chick-fil-A: If there’s no rooster and chicken you can’t have an egg


It’s hilarious to see the trendies get their panties all bunched up about this Chick-fil-A “controversy”.  I think it’s just another example of group think gone out of control. Chick-fil-A is still in the news news recently after Jim Henson’s company announced

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Obama supports rebels & more wars b1tches


Syria shares a border with Iraq.  Syria produces 401,000 barrels of oil per day as the worlds 34th oil producer.  The oil production at $90 per barrel is worth $3,609,0000 a day. Obama supports the rebels who are in the process

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Isn’t Ralph Lauren just keeping it real with Chinese-made U.S. Olympic uniforms?


What’s real and what’s keeping it real?  This is the question that should have been asked when it was revealed that the 2012 United States Olympic team would arrive dressed to impressed with Chinese clothes on.  Welcome to Neo-America same great

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Pedophile State University gets off easy pay small fines, blame Sandusky.


Who believes that Jerry Sandusky acted alone when he systematically raped children at a football camp for decades?  How could it be possible that he was the only one involved? Sandusky was arrested and charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys

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