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Why did Mitt Romney Flip Flop on his TAX RETURNS?


I guess the guy can’t help it.  Call it habitual or call it strategic.  Whatever you call it people now know when the Mitt-ster says something just set your timer to when he will change it.  What a piece of

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What I learned from Warrick Dunn


Ok so it’s finally time to reveal who I bumped into yesterday @StarBucks.  …drum roll please… Warrick Dunn.  If you don’t know who he is Warrick Dunn is a legendary NFL and College football running back.  He is known for

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Why Bill Clinton is the key to American Prosperity


I have to say it is amazing to realize this year makes 20 years since Slick Willy was elected U.S. president.  There is no doubt that most adult Americans have fond memories of the 90′s when everyone seemed to have

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LlenRad T-Shirts Coming Soon – Pick your favorite design


What’s up Llenrad readers.  Just want to thank you for reading the blog. You put Llenrad on page 1 on Google for search terms like WILLARD MILTON ROMNEY appreciate it. Now I need your opinion on a T-shirt idea. Which do

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Obama admits his support for Al Qaeda, do you?


You better not.  If you don’t want to get killed by a drone or indefinitely detained forever in some black site dark hole pit somewhere. Who knows you’ll probably get tortured into admitting who knows what.  Why would all of

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R.O.I. Return On Israel (RE: Klavan’s One-State Solution)


Could it be The United States of America is in very bad place morally so therefore it is in a very bad place financially?  When was the last time this nation owed MORE in debt(1) than it earned in a

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Should America go BARACK to the FUTURE or FORWARD to the Past?


America’s journey has found a stretch of extremely rough terrain and uncertain footing in 2012.  A long trip that has been like a roller coaster ride since September 11, 2001 has now lost steam and seems stuck in the mud.

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