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5 Ways to prevent the American Race War Riot


This is the first part of a series titled:  How To Prevent the American Race War Riot Click Here for Part two. We should really love each other in peace and harmony Instead we’re fussing and fighting…  -Bob Marley   Have

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If you ask a Pimp for a JOB what do you think you’ll be doing at work?


Americans are hilarious. The older I get the more I understand, the “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” prayer. I guess people are just trying to make it and haven’t thought to take a step back and

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What should Lance Armstrong rename his organization?


Why do they say you can’t con an honest man? Were we exposed for wanting to believe  too much?  Why didn’t we listen to the voice that said yeah right no old dude can win that many races. Why did

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American Justice? Dimon Sandusky Madoff Stewart Polanco Thomas


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Have you ever wondered why they call it the criminal justice department? What would justice look like for a criminal?  Does that best describe what is going on in

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All I am saying is…It’s time to listen to John Lennon


I understand there may be some confusion as to what the purpose of LlenRad actually is.  Some may think is it designed to rake muck and stir up arguments and stuff? Some may think it is just another partisan site

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Why America loves Faux-Rain rulers.


The American people seem to be caught up in an interesting conundrum, again. The 2012 election presents the American people with two distinct choices that are billed as unique and vastly different directions for the country and even the world.

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How to celebrate American Con-Quest aka Christopher Columbus day


Does the truth make a difference anymore in 2012? Tomato Tomato exploration exploitation. If people learned a different version of the official story would they still celebrate holidays like Columbus day and Thanksgiving the same? What are the benefits and risks

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