3 facts Zionists ignore that hurts Jewish people and everyone else.

Who ever is telling you to ATTACK Iran to help Jewish people is either brainwashed, conning you, or off their medication.

Zionism is politics.  Politics is about power.  The saddest thing about politics is how it is played by the shameless politicians.  Control and authority is ALL politicians want.  They will tell who ever what ever as long as they remain in power.

The complicated religious explanations and mumbo-jumbo is all window dressing.  These sharp tongued over dressed politicians are the same everywhere in the world.  They only want MORE power and CONTROL that’s it that’s all.  There is never enough for them, even the entire world is not enough.

It doesn’t matter that Iranians and Israelis have stated publicly that they have no beef and in fact love each other.  This is not what the Zionist politicians are after, love is not a concept they understand or practice only power, force, and control.

So they do whatever they can to keep everyone on edge this retains their power.  This is why all you hear about is WARS and rumors of WARS.  While the people are on edge they are literally chilling like a villain.  It’s the Zionist politicians WORLDWIDE that create this mysterious boogeyman idea that at any moment some Islamic jihadist will appear do magic to eliminate all Jewish people from earth while ignoring three simple facts:

1.  Islamic, Arabic, Persian people did not commit the Holocaust.

Where does all this anti-Islam anger come from?  The millions of Jewish people were killed by German Nazis, remember?  If you watched the news in 2012 you would think that Hitler was an islamic fundamentalists jihadist or something.  No, he wasn’t he actually was a catholic/christian that was welcomed and supported by the Vatican and yep George Bush’s grand daddy.  Why is it the Zionist politicians don’t mention this?  Why is their endless anger and resentment not directed at Germany or Germans?

2. Israel has its own Nuclear weapons.

Yes it’s true.  Even though the pro-Zionist politicians want to portray Israel as a defenseless baby or something the nation actually has many stock piles of its own nuclear weapons.  Israel has nuclear submarines they even have nuclear bombs they can drop on people from their super sonic jets.  The Zionist politicians don’t want to acknowledge this fact because it wouldn’t help their never ending warmongering cause.

3.  If you REALLY are God’s ONLY chosen people why are you worried?

These Zionist politicians really should be comedians not leaders of nations.  With the same mouth they claim that THEY ALONE in Israel are god’s EXCLUSIVE CHOSEN people then they say they need the United States to protect and defend them?  What?  Something isn’t adding up.  This is where the wheels come off their political scam.  If these Zionist politicians really believe that god will protect Israel why then are they constantly running to Uncle Sam in America for help?


As an observer I actually notice some similarities to the Latin La Raza movement who claim that MEXICO includes part of California and Arizona, etc.  They also claim that god gave their people this land first and it is rightfully theirs before America STOLE IT.  Now, imagine if the UN or whoever came in and created a NEW NEW MEXICO in a southwest corner of United States giving this NEW country exclusive sovereignty to Latinos?  Think about that for a second.  You and I both know all hell would break loose the second this happened.

This is what actually took place in Palestine.  After Hitler was defeated without much help from the US by the way,  the UN created this new state in the middle of Palestine against the wishes of the people who actually lived there.  Since then they have been fighting and as long as countries like the United States instigate the situation by taking sides and fanning the flames with ARMS and MONEY the fighting will continue.

Is this what the Zionist politicians really want?  I see no evidence that the politicians actually want peace like the thousands of orthodox Jews who are protesting all over the place.

Who will be held accountable for the horrendous atrocities being committed on the Palestinian people on there own land, in their own homes, and at CHECK points?     This is wrong.  Apartied was wrong.  Jim Crow is wrong. It’s not hard to see.

The children of the survivors of the Holocost should know better and have more compassion for humanity but its really not the peoples’ fault, they are being manipulated from the top by these corrupt politicians who call themselves Zionists.  The truth is the Zionists politicians could care less about the Jewish people in Israel or Palestine or even America for that matter they simple want power.

Isn’t this the same in the United States?  Do Republicans and Democrats really love Americans or do they just love the power?  Remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks because they called out War W Bush for his immoral attack on Iraq.  What’s the difference?

What do you think?


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