3 Reasons Black Americans are abandoning Obama.

“Barack Hussein is my main man…”  is a common phrase you’ll hear in any African-American community.  Soul brothers and old school players alike have supported Obama just like they said they would. Through the think AND the thin.  Has Barack returned the favor?

What is causing some of the most fanatic Obama supporters to take another look?

What is causing some to abandon the hope and change bandwagon all together?

Here are at least three reasons I have noticed why black Americans are leaving Obama:

1.  Failed to protect JOBS in the Black community.   Recently Obama’s comments from an interview with black Enterprise magazine confirms he has no special deference for black people in America.  This is a major blow to black people who thought they finally had someone in the White House who cared about them.  The fact that Obama would come out and literally say he is not the president of Black America-in a black magazine  should tell you something.  Is he just mad because African-Americans are sending his campaign less money than last time?  Hey Barack don’t be mad maybe your campaign contributions are lower because people have less money these days; but I guess you wouldn’t have anything to do with that, would you?  The sad thing about it is he still expects black people to vote for him.

2.  Championed gay marriage over civil rights.  So now we know Obama is not the president of the black community what community does he represent?  …They gay community.  Wow.  What a difference a few hundred days makes. The sad thing is it’s just election year pandering, gay Americans shouldn’t expect anything real to come out of his recent pro-gay-marriage comments other than a huge dip in street cred for the president.  The pastors and leaders of African-American churches have started speaking out.  Recently a press conference was held to call Obama out on this “foolishness.”

3. Lip Service Curtis.  It’s waaaaay easier to say you’ll do something than actually do it.  Black voters who are leaving Obama summarize their issue with Barack in one sentence, “Obama hasn’t done what he said he would.”

Here’s one question I have for you, have things improved so far with Barack in office? If you voted for him in 2008 do you plan on voting for him again in November?  Why?


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