3 Reasons London shouldn’t be hosting the Summer Olympics

Watching the Olympics as covered by NBC may be difficult enough but is all the blame on the network?

How much of the blame lies with the host city itself?  Is London with the Olympics like Detroit with the Super Bowl?

Even Mitt Romney had a rough trip on his recent tour in the UK during the Olympics and is now referred to as Mitt-the-Twit.  Was he right on the problems he suspected at the summer games?

Here are the 3 Reasons London should NOT be hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics:

1. Its cold.

Black people know its cold when we see white people with jackets and scarves on.  It’s as simple as that.  When you see people with coats on there is one thing for sure IT’S NOT SUMMER TIME.  How they scammed everyone into hosting the SUMMER GAMES I don’t know.  Just contrast London 2012 with Atlanta 1996 or the upcoming games that will be in Rio 2016.  These are SUMMER games this is HOT.  Look at how stupid the athletes look playing beach volleyball while freezing their butts off.  No wonder they had to wear full body tights.  If there is ever a Fall Olympics let London host that.

2. Great Britain should be called Bad Britain.

Britain really needs to clean up its act.  The country has a long history of some of the most abusive atrocities to mankind and still to this day continue to perpetuation pain on other people for their own benefit.  America had to kick their asses for this kinda stuff once before.  These days London’s biggest export is fraud as more and more financial analysts are starting to realize this fact.  They used to scam countries with red coats now they scam nations with papers signed in the City of London.  I guess the pen is mightier than the sword.

3. Monarchy Monopoly.

Why should the entire world bow to these monarchs who self proclaim themselves to be superior than everyone else by birthright?  Why should we acknowledge what is special about them while accepting our role as a loyal serf/peasant?  The saddest thing about this is that the British really think that the Monarch has no power.  Meanwhile the navy, and the government is openly referred to as “Her majesty’s” and she and her family are exempt from persecution from any crime violation or anything.  So if she or one of her companies screw you over you just have to like it or you go to jail, or worse.  Oh yeah, they don’t pay taxes either.

Have you been tuning in to the Olympics?  What do you think so far?  Is London a great place for summer Olympics?


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