3 Reasons #NBCFail hurts Comcast more than GE

Who has booted the pooch as they say more in London recently?  Is it NBC with their epic fail coverage of the Olympics or is it Mitt Romney with his gaffe-a-holic public appearances?

There is no doubt the trending topic #NBCFail has hurt the brand.  The peacock has more than its feathers ruffled right now.

Who will be hurt worse when this fiasco is finished?  Will it be Comcast or General Electric?

With a changing of the guard in ownership and management this problem couldn’t have happened at a worst time for NBC.  The BRAND is going through a big transition with Comcast taking a 1% majority ownership position in the new NBC company NBCUniversal, LLC.

Microsoft recently ended its long-term partnership with MSNBC.  That contract was bought out by Comcast as part of the merger.  No more Microsoft money or opinions at the table questioning decisions.

Here is why I think #NBCFail will hurt Comcast more than General Electric:

1. Comcast has the work to do.  The merger as essentially licensed Comcast to operate and manage the NBC brand.  They will manage the network and keep 51% of the profits as co-owner.  If you look at how things are going so far it’s Comcast who clearly is doing the heavy lifting and they are also getting the negative feedback for requiring a subscription in order to watch the Olympics online.  Meanwhile GE benefits from the money they make but people aren’t mad at them.

2.  Its hard to make a second impression.  This is something that you just can’t replace.  People will always remember how the Olympics were hosed ever since Comcast took over.  Now people will watched even closer and make a big deal out of every mistake they make.  Like picking on the fat kid.  Also NBC will get blamed for that writer’s twitter account getting suspended.

3.  Comcast’s money is on the hot seat. If this NBC deal doesn’t work out and in spades Comcast is a huge loser.  NBC’s TV ratings for the quarters leading up to the Comcast takeover were tanking seriously.  If it wasn’t for Comcast injecting billions with this merger the Olympics would have walked to another bidder.  So far Comcast has paid billions in cash so, they need epic results. Instead they are getting presidential candidates talking about problems, negative trending topics, and boycotts.  Its like overpaying for a baseball card you hoped to sell.

What do you think?  Will Comcast get it together or will the #NBCFail trend go epic?


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