3 reasons Obama won’t show a brother love.

Barack Obama called a press conference today for the first time since March 6th and discussed his re-election campaign ie Mitt Romney’s Tax returns.

No one asked him about this story that Dinesh D’Souza wrote about how his brother called him NOT Obama for desperate help with medical treatment.

Have you heard about this?  Why won’t Obama show his brother love?

This is really a shocking story to think that Obama a millionaire a president a role model would stiff his own brother in a desperate situation?  The man in discussion is George Obama, Barack’s little brother who needed help for his son, Barack’s nephew.  Why won’t he show his own blood brother any love?

Here’s three potential explanations:


1. That ain’t his brother.

Dinesh D’Souza’s article exposing Obama is really about promoting his controversial documentary 2016.  This film basically says that Obama wants to destroy America because of colonialism. Kia Makarechi tried to defend Obama in Huffpo with an article that insinuates the film is biased but still doesn’t answer the question.  Why won’t Obama help out his own brother?  Her article doesn’t dispute this happened.

There is an even more controversial movie by Joel Gilbert called  Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception which could explain a lot more.  It actually presents evidence to support the claim that Barack Obama’s father is NOT the Kenyan we have been told about.  This would mean that George is not Barack’s brother.  My question to you is does Barack look like more like the Kenyan Barack Obama Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis?

2.  He’s too Trendie.

This is one of the hallmark traits of the trendy elite.  They would rather work all day and night and weekends too for the big boss than worry about their own family.  They could care even less for their extended family.  Instead of representing their folks they trust in the corporate scam lie that somehow their co-workers are their “family”.  Recently Riannah showed how it’s supposed to look on Oprah when she went back to her old neighborhood and people remembered her because she isn’t a stranger.  Trendies take notice.

3.  Michelle said no.

Have you noticed Barack hasn’t had any problems hanging out with Michelle’s brother while he’s ignoring his own brother George Obama?  I just think it’s interesting by comparison.  Which brother is more important?


If you had millions of dollars would you reach out and try to help your family in need?  Does this story affect your opinion about Obama?


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