3 reasons people Promote Abortions.

Freedom is such a wonderful thing it even has its own built in limitations.  You are free to speak but that doesn’t mean jumping in someone’s face and cursing them out.  You are free to swim but I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the Florida swamp waters where alligators live.  SERIOUS actions have SERIOUS consequences.

The abortion debate is a great example of how trendies want to promote usurping SERIOUS consequences.

Should you be able to simply click “undo” on a baby?

The latest round of debates on abortion have started up today after this huffpo propaganda post (with no writer credit) was promoted on the front page of the website with an image of a coat hanger.  Is this an example of using fear as a weapon?

The trendies obviously took the bait and went crazy on the post comments singing  their best pro-abortion talking points like a chorus or something.  In their mind its like all girls get raped periodically and need to have abortions every other year or something.  Trendies, you gotta love em.

The question no one asks is:

Why would anyone want to promote abortions?

Answer this quesion and you have solved the entire abortion debate.  Here are three reasons why people promote abortions:

1.  Males don’t want to father their kids.

Dudes want to keep the ability to “opt out”.  The comedians have already let the “guy code” out of the bag.  Pop culture is inundated with one liners about how a guy reacts when a girl says that she is pregnant.  The joke is always how he’ll insinuate to her to get an abortion.  This is a slimy dirt bag way to be.  Instead of being there for the child you helped create you turn to the dark side and tell HER to go into a doctor office ALONE and “get rid of the baby.”  

2.  Women don’t want to raise a child alone.

Misery loves company.  Most girls who have had an abortion will recommend to other girls to have an abortion.  Also, do you think females would have abortions if the males were committed to raising the child?  The one common trait you’ll find with girls who get abortions is they are dealing with the situation alone.  This is a fact. If the guy they conceived with was supportive of them they would not “get rid of the baby.”

3. They get paid to.

The scam about the pro-abortion industry is there is a TON of money in it and the people who promote it get paid to do so.  Planned parenthood gets hundreds of millions from the government and helps hundreds of thousands of young girls “get rid of the baby”.


Is there anyone in the world who wishes their mom had an abortion instead of giving birth to them?  What do you think?




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