3 Reasons you should never commit suicide – RIP Tony Scott

Every individual has a unique point of view in this world we live.  This is one thing I’m absolutely sure of.

Tony Scott took his own life yesterday changing the world forever, again.

The first time the world was changed this much was on June 21 1944.  The day Tony Scott was born.

We are all connected.  Proof is what happens when we hear about someone committing suicide.

Why do you think this is?

Everyone has contemplated to themselves why they never would or what could cause them to commit suicide.  The idea of an individual ending their own life is a phenomenon that has always disturbed the psych of the people “left”.

The most disturbing effect of suicide has to be on the immediate family members.  These people are hurt the most by the act as surely they will wonder what could they have done to “prevented” it, etc.  I pray god bless all the people in this situation right now.


Three Reasons you should never commit suicide:



The people who said, “you aint sh1t and you aint never going to be sh1t” will only feel happy when they hear that you have been found dead.  That will actually make these insane power losers happy.  Hitler, “the king of the haters” ended up killing himself after witnessing Jesse Owens smash his white supremacy theory at the BERLIN Olympics.


Do you understand why Nicki Minaj sings “Haters you can kill yourself?” in that hit song with Will.I.am?.  It’s because it is ALL a game and she is playing to win.  Don’t get caught up my friend.  Just dust yourself off and keep jukin they looking


The normalcy bias is about people accepting what ever has already happened as evidence of ALL that can POSSIBLY happen.  Just because you feel you have never made a difference in the world doesn’t mean you NEVER CAN.


The sad reality is the “life” that many people lead especially “successful people” or “celebrities” is in fact a role.  They are actors instead of individuals playing the role of a character that people around expect, project, or demand.  Keeping up this act has to be tiring.  You can kill this “you” without suicide.  This is what I think Britney Spears did when she shaved her head and went Ape-sh1t.  I think this was her saying to her “handlers” go fok off the old britney is dead!  She was able to kill that role AND keep her life.  See the difference?



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  1. llenrad.com says:

    That’s right one day a time.

  2. Felicia says:

    Hi Llenrad,
    Interesting reasons on why one should never commit suicide. I think another reason would be to think about how many people really care about you if they know you were suffering. A majority of the problems nowadays do not call for suicide as its “reasonable” solution. I think it’s wise to hope for the best and figure things out one step (or one day) at a time.