3 signs Prince Harry and his family have recolonized America.

Vindictive Britain.  That is the Answer if you are wondering what happened to this wonderful country.  If you spend any time looking at it you will quickly realize in the short amount of time that The United States has been a sovereign country jealous Britain has been a very bad influence.

Are they trying to even the score?

What if the country that Americans consider to be our BEST ally actually has a grudge and hates America for having the audacity to fight for our freedom in the original 1776 revolution?

Think about it for one second.  There is no doubt in your mind that America would mobilize troops if something happened to defend Britain?  It seems almost like we have a duty to Britain right?  Why?  Do you think British troops would protect Texas?  Why are so few British troops fighting in the super important middle east wars then? They send a few thousand we send a football stadium of 80,000 troops.

There is plenty evidence to demonstrate how deceptive Britain has stretched its old malignant tentacles around the throat of liberty in America.  Look at how the tabloid trash behavior which is the lives of the “royals” is portrayed in the U.S. like it’s really important.  From the royal wedding to the stupid Jubilee it’s the same coverage like, “ahhh aren’t the royals so cool and precious”.  Meanwhile our own celebs are getting locked up and scrutinized for any little thing they do.  Did the clown prince Harry have to go through TSA?

Here are three signs that Prince Harry and his imperial family have recolonized America:


1.  Top Down assimilation.

Is the media trying to make it fashionable to be British?  First it’s British Piers Morgan on CNN in prime time telling us how we as Americans don’t need guns.  CNN’s ratings have been tanking all year because of this kinda trash.  Donald Trump even called them out on it, hilariously. Now we learn that an exec from BBC in London has been imported to take over the New York Times.  So the paper of the American record is now approved by a British dude, great.

2.  We bow to them they’ve never bowed to us.

George Bush was one of the first presidents caught in the act of bowing to the Queen but Barack Obama has done it too.  Although Obama’s bow was more “half assed” he still did it.  Why?   Does it make sense to you that representatives of America are bowing to self proclaimed “royals” from other countries?  Have you ever seen them bow to any of our leaders?  Would you bow to the queen?

3.  Americans are fighting wars for British interests.

Call it the imperial dynasty, delegated.  The sad thing about the relationship between Britain and America is that the British royalty gets to enjoy the spoils of war from our endless invasions.  We invade Iraq they just sit back and get paid.  Where did America learn to invade other countries for profit anyway?  When did this become the American way?



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