3 ways Apple can beat Android.

Google is to Apple as Apple is to Microsoft.  Does that explain it for you?  What can Apple do to actually beat Google and its powerhouse Android platform?

Apple computer prospects have been continually declining as I predicted since Steve Jobs passed away.  The company somewhere along the way has really lost its way.  These comments don’t make that much sense now but in about six months it will be obvious to you. No one was talking about an Apple decline when I first called this in January.  Since then all you have seen is revelation after another about Apple having issues.

Their first big mistake was to underestimate the power of Google and the Android platform.  Now, we have watched the Android app steadily grow at a pace much faster than Apple’s iTunes.  Google has leverage as their #1 search engine is the source of their knowledge about, what everyone is doing-almost.   What does Apple have?  Pending law suits and SIRI.  (Maybe they should have bought facebook?)

How will Apple compete?  What can they do to turn this trend in their favor?  Launch SIRI?  Their new voice command feature will save them right?  Nope, sorry that won’t work either.  The voice command software has been around for years and really hasn’t taken off in the eye of the public.   This proves that somewhere along the line Apple’s research failed to justify SIRI’s development and release. Who do you know that says they really loves to use SIRI?  Who do you know that will buy an iPhone just because of SIRI?  Then it was exposed that Google’s jellybean actually beats Apple’s SIRI.

Here are the 3 things Apple should do to beat Google:

1. Stop the proprietary nonsense.  Apple is not a unique device as it used to be when they made their own hardware.  Now they are using the Intel chips and Chinese manufacturing just like everyone else so they need to end the over priced proprietary bull crap scams that they put people through.  ex: The latest IPhone only has a 5 mega-pixel camera when a $99 android phone has an 8 mega-pixel AND flash.  See how competition gives people the best deal? If it was up to Apple we would still have a 2 mega-pixel iPhone for $500.

2. Innovate.  Stop this law suit foolishness.  Seems like whenever someone comes out with a device that is cooler looking and better than the iPhone  lawyers are called and law suits are filed.  This leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the same trendies that Apple needs to buy their stuff.  Go into a cell phone store and see what smart people are saying about iPhone products.  Apple, you have lost your reputation and are starting to look bad in comparison to the latest uber cool devices from Sam-sung and now Nexus.  

3.  Cut prices.  Either that or clone your existing iPhone customers a few dozen times.  The people who have enough money to pay for an IPhone can choose anything they want.  By charging higher prices you are DARING them to look at the competitors and when they do how many do you think come back?  Ahhh ha. Now you see the problem.

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