3 Reasons why Mitt Romney won’t release his tax return

I know this tax return issue is a favorite dig at Mitt from the so called left but the question is valid based on past presidential candidates.  Lots of ordinary people were “required” to submit their tax returns to banks in order to get a loan for a house or a car so people should understand the request.

If you were the hiring manager for a company and you had a candidate that didn’t want to show you his taxes would that make you more suspicious?  What if all the other candidates you asked submitted theirs?

Would you just drop the issue or press harder?

Here are the three reasons Mitt Romney won’t submit his tax returns:

1.  The wife says NO.

Guy code is one level but husband code is another.  Married men know the only path to happiness is through a happy wife.  No, this doesn’t mean sucking up to her all day but you know what I mean.  You self absorbed single people can’t figure this out because your stuck on yourself all day.

David Edwards wrote about Ann Romney’s comment that ‘We’ve given all you people need to know’.  The interwebs went crazy at the way her comment came off.  It sounded smug to me but that’s how they are I guess.  What do you think?

2.  It helps his opponent.

Mitt is a politician.  So he will do what will help him just like any politician would.  Even though Mitt seems like he is trying to screw up his chances with some of his recent gaffes.

If he releases tax returns that show all his income is from a return on money that he admits was not his own.  This won’t look good for the Mittster.  Then on top of that you know he will have paid a low rate of taxes, this will stink up the place for sure.

3.  It’s Pandora’s box.

I wonder why Mitt didn’t release a “scrubbed” version of his return just to shut people up.  It’s not like Obama didn’t submit a birth certificate that was proven to be 100% fake.

If he releases his return it could show connections to all types of entities and situations that could really be embarrasing for Romney.  There are too many strong statements on the record for Mitt to try and walk all of them back.  If his return comes out he’ll be forced to do some uncomfortable explaining and it will be comedy, trust me.

What do you think? Why do you think Mitt won’t release his tax return?


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  1. llenrad.com says:

    So who do you think is lying? Is it the Sheriff or the President?

  2. ehancock says:

    Obama’s birth certificate is not fake. The facts on it were repeatedly confirmed by the officials in Hawaii of BOTH political parties, further confirmed by the Index Data (a public file that shows the birth certificates that are on file that shows one for Obama in 1961), and the birth certificate is further confirmed by the birth notices that were sent to the papers by the DOH in 1961. Only the DOH could send notices to the Health Bureau Statistics section of the newspapers, and the DOH only sent out the notices for births IN Hawaii.