5 More Ways to prevent the American Race War Riot

This is the second part of a series titled:  How To Prevent the American Race War Riot Click Here for Part one.

The American Race War Riot is not inevitable and the people shouldn’t accept it is going to happen like next spring or something.

There is plenty that can be done to stop this ignorance immediately.

Some people are doubtful and wonder if it’s too late.


This reminds me of a quote from Mr. hundred dollar bill Benjamin Franklin, “When in doubt, don’t.”

This is my attitude about the situation.  If you are in a hole and want to get out what good does it do to tell yourself that you CAN’T get out?



Are the most courageous, precious, beautiful, and wonderful beings of this planet.  Everyone on earth came from a women, somewhere.  It is only right that ALL People ESPECIALLY MEN stand up to defend them.  What purpose does a Man have other than to protect women and children?



Who ever the Emperor or King is his “Men” are attacking American women at an alarming rate. I remember when it used to be a big deal that a female was attacked or assaulted by the “authorities”.  Now it seems like a people have become numb to this type of abuse but somehow are still up at arms when something happens to their beloved celebrities.  If Chris Brown hits Rihanna again it will be all over the internet and the TV but if a cop beats the crap out of another single mother then you’ll barely hear about it and people just move on like its no big deal.  In case you missed it here’s what has been happening in 2012:

  1. Florida cop tazed Young teenage girl – leaves her brain dead.
  2. Chicago Police tazer attack pregnant women
  3. Pennsylvania Police caught on camera attacking teenage girl with Tazer.
  4. Texas Police caught beating pregnant women
  5. California Police attack women and children with dogs and rubber bullets.
  6. St. Louis Police Tazer 12 year old girl.
  7. Tacoma Washington police tazer a deaf women.

These are just 7 random stories from 2012 one for every day of the week.  Who knows how many more there are.  Notice how every single story above is from a different STATE.  This proves the kings men attacking American women is an epidemic and apparently is the standard operating procedure nationwide.




History has proven women will always lead us all to a better place:

  • Harriet Tubman created the “underground railroad” which was a systematic network of safe houses to help black Americans enslaved in the south find freedom in the north.
  • Rosalind Franklin gave her life to the discovery of human DNA even though some dude took the credit it would not have been possible without her sacrifice and tenacious effort.
  • Sacagawea was honored by the US Minting a coin baring her resemblance because had it not been for her Lewis and Clark would have ended up just lost in the woods.
  • Yoko Ono continues to work for the cause of PEACE in a PEACEFUL way through her music and art.  She is keeping hope alive for peace loving mother suckers worldwide.


  • Remember history and follow the women.  Right now is one of those times where it’s clear we are at a a major intersection.  The men have screwed up EVERYTHING, AGAIN and just want to fight and basically destroy everything in sight.  The Women are stepping up and have something very important to say.  It is time to protect them and listen.
  • Refocus the debate.  Want to stop an American race war riot?  Mad about racism?  Don’t go off yelling at your white or black neighbor. Learn from Medea Benjamin who is speaking truth to power about the racist drone strikes that are killing innocent children and women.
  • See something Say something.  This especially goes for you “good cops” who think you are good because you “look the other way” and keep your mouth shut. Why don’t you realize you are part of the crime syndicate when you keep a criminals secret?  Step up and do the right thing for a change if you are for good.  When you see the green party political candidates getting GRABBED on and ARRESTED for attending the debate this should be your signal to do the right thing.  It starts with saying something it ends with doing something.
  • SELL IN NOT OUT.  If you have been serving ManKing and or the EMPEROR or both then consider serving your family and mankind for an equal amount of time.  Stop doing things just because someone paid you or its “your job” consider “what’s right”?  Remember the best things in life are free and selflessness makes the world go around NOT MONEY.
  • PAY IT FORWARD Commit Random Acts of Kindness.  This is something that I have found releases stress and eradicates anger.  Having a bad week?  Go volunteer at the soup kitchen or straight up make some food and find some hungry people to give it too.  Buy some buss passes and hand them out.  Go visit with someone at the senior center who you don’t even know.  100% guaranteed you will feel better and so will they.

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