5 Ways to prevent the American Race War Riot

This is the first part of a series titled:  How To Prevent the American Race War Riot Click Here for Part two.

We should really love each other in peace and harmony Instead we’re fussing and fighting…  -Bob Marley


Have you heard the rumors about a race riot or race war brewing in America?

Do you think it will really happen?

If it does who will suffer and who will benefit?

How can we prevent it?


In 2012 America is officially a crazy place.  This is a country that:

  • Spends more money on war, death, and destruction than ALL OTHER NATIONS in the world combined.
  • Borrows the money to pay for it’s  warmongering from a private loan sharking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve
  • One in five adults 20% are taking a mind altering psychotropic medication.

Any ‘sane’ person knows you can’t pay off your credit card by taking cash advances from your credit card. Everyone that is except who ever is running America.  To make matters even worse add to this the fact that for the last four years the federal government has been operating without a budget.   The only time you hear about it is when they need to raise the credit line i.e. the spending limit.  Have you ever called your credit card company and asked for an increase on your line?  What answer did you get?  How many times do you think you can get an increase?

This sets the stage for the situation America  is in today.  For decades The People have been getting squeezed more and more and are now really feeling the STRESS and ANXIETY from these aggravated madmen also known as politicians.


Now it looks like they are going to turn us against each other.

I hope Americans aren’t that stupid.  The people should recognize the signs and take the high road.  We have been living around and with each other for long enough to know better.   Here is some of what has been happening this year:

  • Reports of a race war already happening in downtown Chicago?
  • Crazy random mobs roaming around neighborhoods attacking people because they are white or not-black, etc.
  • Pro-Obama Idiots on Twitter openly threatening Mitt Romney’s life
  • White kids in school getting in trouble for criticizing Obama or wearing a Romney T-shirt


 It looks pretty rough and that’s because it is and it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better:

  • Today a Florida judge set a tentative trial date for George Zimmerman the man who killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin. If George Zimmerman is acquitted, WATCH OUT!
  • In July Oakland reported yet another racist incident with its police as it is now on the brink of Federal Takeover due to corruption and racism.
  • In May a Grand Jury Cleared the White Plains Police who killed 68-year-old retired marine Kenneth Chamberlain’s in his own home after he accidentally pressed his medical help pendant.  His door was locked they kicked in his in his door in the middle of the night and shot him.


  1. Defuse this foolishness by getting closer with your opposite race family members.  The truth is every white family has black members and every black family has white members.  We all are one and the same.  It’s time to stop playing and grow up, TOGETHER.
  2. Know that THEY are and will continue to pit us against each other.  If they will send us to die in wars in foreign lands then you can believe they will instigate a fight between us so they can continue their colonialism exploitation campaign that has been going for generations.
  3. Remember fear is the worst reason to make a decision anger is the stupidest.  Just because you lost your job and you are tired of being broke that’s no reason to get caught up in the prisoner mindset and take a side in some stupid battle of the blacks vs whites.
  4. Remember if you live by the sword you won’t die from a spider bite.  Don’t fall for the tricks people.  You can better believe it is just that a trick.  The people posting threats online and running around attacking people will soon find out.  Don’t follow their lead, opt out of the foolishness people.
  5. Remember you are a builder, creator, and innovator not a destroyer.  Have you ever built a sand castle and then some idiot wants to destroy it?  Remember anyone can destroy something it takes a special person to create so remain special and remember who and what you are America.

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