America goes Black, stays. Here’s what to expect by 2016.

They say once you go black you don’t go back.

Why do you think they say that?

Is that what happened to America in 2012?  Is America Addicted to a black leader now?

If so what does that mean is coming by 2016? Withdrawal?


I’ll never forget the reaction everyone had when the original “NOT GUILTY” O.J. Simpson verdict was read.  I was in high school and everyone was all jumping up and down and yelling and cheering.  The truth is we were all just glad basically to see a black man beat the system.

My white friends didn’t get it they were like.  Yeah, but he killed the mother of his kids, you idiots!

We didn’t care.

They say ignorance is bliss.

We definitely didn’t know better we were caught up in the moment just riding the wave not paying attention to how close were were to the coastline or if there was a dock or a boat in the way.

Over time you live AND you learn.  

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This is how I was able to accurately predict Barack Obama would be re-elected from the first day of his inauguration back in 2008.

Once you watch this drama series long enough you pick up on the plot.  It’s actually pretty easy if you pay attention and follow the characters.

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The idea that Mitt Romney would become the next President of the United States was always a big joke on you America.  The powers at be ran this clown out there to keep you entertained and distracted for the last 6 years.  It worked.  How much money did Mitt make off of basically running for president as a job 72 months?  How much will he make in the next 72 months?

Think about how well Al Gore has done since he lost his presidential election bid.  That dude is loaded off selling Americans global warming scams and stupid light bulbs that contain poisonous gasses.  Meanwhile he flew around like a rockstar in a full size jetliner.

Mitt Romney knew he wasn’t going to win.  It’s all entertainment like a Broadway play/reality television series.  The goal is to put on a good show make it close and have a good time.  It’s obvious that’s what the candidates, pundits, and politicians are doing.  The voters still don’t get the point.  Many of them never will.

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3 Things to expect in America by 2016:


1. American WAR mongering escalates:  Libyan Syria Middle East Surge.

Watch out for Obama to go George W Bush hardcore XXL double OG in his second term.  The situation in Libya is such that he will claim a BOOST in military SUPPORT is needed in the region. The end result will be an escalated war with more funding and troops going to Libya as an excuse to further agitate SYRIA;  the next country the warmongers want to invade.  Watch out for the WORDS used, you’ll see.

2. America’s Withdrawal?

America will go through a withdrawal by the year 2016 but not because the next president won’t be a black man.  America will be going through withdrawals from their bank accounts.  Watch the news reports of what is happening in Spain and Greece and even Ireland and you will be watching a preview of what is coming soon to the United States.

3. America goes back to the Bushes.

The next president will be a Republican and I’ll add to it the Republican will either be backed heavily by the BUSH family or HE’ll be a member of the BUSH family.  This is my early prediction 4 years out.  That means the 2016 Democratic candidate will play the ROLE of “Mr.  take your money and waste your  time”.  Just like John Edwards, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan have done.  I’m able to predict this because there has not been a candidate presented by the “RIGHT” that has effectively rallied the “base”.  The 2016 candidate will do that just like, let me think who did it well last? Hmmm?  Oh yeah, George W Bush did in 2000.  Look out for that campaign to start in about two years on Fox News.

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How do you see it?   Where do you see this country headed by 2016?  The sky isn’t going to fall but who knows what could happen in four years what’s your prediction?

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