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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr. Have you ever wondered why they call it the criminal justice department? What would justice look like for a criminal?  Does that best describe what is going on in 2012′s version of America? There is a lot of meaning in names the government understands its importance and value.  Did you know the department of defense used to be called the department of WAR?  That would be a more accurate name wouldn’t it?  Maybe it was too honest of a name for someone because it was changed by 1950. They say it’s 6 million ways to die, choose one.  The American Criminal Justice System seems like its slogan is There’s 6 major ways we’ll judge you son:

  1. Dimon
  2. Sandusky
  3. Madoff
  4. Stewart
  5. Polanco
  6. Thomas

What are the chances that if you have a run in with the justice system you’ll end up like one these six Americans?  Odds are looking higher and higher each day that these are all the options you get.  Either stay out of the system or choose from one of the six options.  The problem is you may not qualify for your selection, see there’s always a catch. Before you choose here’s what you need to know about the 6 options:

OPTION #6:  The Thomas Treatment.

This option is reserved for those members of our society that are basically considered the “undesirables“.  They are disabled or addicted to drugs and are basically down on their luck.  They are seriously in need of help.  If this describes you and you run into the justice system what do you think will happen to you?  There is a chance you’ll end up like Kelly Thomas or Alesia Thomas.  They both got charged, found guilty and sentenced to death by way of BEATDOWN by police officers in California.  Alesia was a mother on drugs that admitted she couldn’t take care of her kids.  Kelly was a homeless disabled man just minding his business.

OPTION #5: The Polanco Pistol Proposition.

This option is designed for the person who thinks they have played by the rules and done the right things in life.  They have usually served in the military also.  If this describes you what do you think will happen if you have a run in with the justice department’s commandos aka the police?  Well, the officer could simply make you a proposition you can’t refuse.  They could just claim they think they see a weapon then they pullout their pistol and shoot you to death.  This is what happened to Army reservist Noel Polanco.  Cops pulled him over near the airport in New York and shot him dead.  He was unarmed but they said they saw something so now he is dead.  In another NY incident Kenneth Chamberlain didn’t get pulled over in a car, police just kicked in the door to his home and killed him after he accidentally pressed his “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” medical id pendant.  Instead of police calling an ambulance they just shot him dead in his own home.  Judge, Jury, and Executioner with a gun and a badge.

OPTION #5: The Stewart Standoff.

This option is really for people that don’t listen to what they are told well enough.  This option is for people who think for whatever reason they should control their own lives like what they eat.  If this describes you what do you think happened if you operated a business selling of all things farm fresh foods?  Ask James Stewart owner of Rawesome foods near Los Angeles, CA why police raided his business and poured thousands of dollars worth of milk and fresh food down the drain? Ask him why he was facing felony and misdemeanor charges behind distributing food to his own private and happy members? The latest on this story is he is in a standoff with the government who says they will drop their trumped up “charges” if he pleads guilty to lessor crimes they made up.  Police raided his business with guns drawn over milk what if someone would have gotten killed?

OPTION #4:  The Madoff Message.

This option is a very rare one indeed.  This option is really for the inside guys that have gone “astray”.  Instead of systematically robbing the little guys like they are “supposed to”they actually rob the big guys on the inside.  You know the real BIG money.  If this describes you where do you think you’ll end up after robbing the richest one percenters for billions?  Well if your ask Bernie Madoff he’ll tell you you’ll end up with 150 years in the slammer.  Notice no roughing up, no one kicked the crap out of him, no nothing,  just locked up for the rest of his life.  All because he robbed the wise guys.

OPTION #4:  The Sandusky Standard.

This option is extremely rare but not the most rare of all.  This is for the inside guys that get caught and don’t snitch.  If you are the type that participate in the horrendous crimes of the inner demon circle then when you get caught even though the evidence is overwhelming you’ll likely get the Sandusky Standard.  This is what Jerry Sandusky is receiving after getting sentenced to only 30 years in prison for raping children for about 30 years.  He didn’t snitch out the others that were involved like Joe Paterno and the President of Penn State Graham Spanier.  Who really believes Jerry Sandusky did all of this raping all these years all by himself?

OPTION #5:  The Dimon Diplomat.

This option is the most exclusive of all.  In fact it is reserved specifically for Jamie Dimon, his best buddies, and the people THEY work for.  American Justice works MUCH differently if you’re Jamie Dimon & co.  When you commit blatant fraud and rob The People bind then the police don’t arrest you they beat up the protesters who complain about getting robbed.  All you have to do is publicly pay off the police right before a big protest and ‘presto’, there you have it.  Instant American Criminal Justice.  If you’re a Dimon Diplomat you don’t have to worry about real prosecution that’s for smucks and little people.  If you get caught no big deal just pay off the prosecutors and regulators and keep it pimpin.  It doesn’t matter if it’s laundering drug money or manipulating SILVER prices or LIBOR interest rates.  Its all fair game if you’re on the Dimon plain?


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The Dimon plain



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