Apple helps Samsung by suing them. Idiots.

People want most what they cannot have.  Apple is confirming they have lost their way with the passing of Steve Jobs.  I predicted a continual decline for Apple and this type of stuff is what I’m talking about.

What do you think the net effect will be that US consumers cannot have the new super cool Samsung tablet?

What message do you think it sends that Apple would file a law suit?  Would they sue if Samsung’s tablet was not, better than their iPad?

Apple 2012 is not the company that wowed people like it used to be and Apple 2013 will be worse.  Samsung has proven that they can not only compete but they can flat out beat Apple in hardware innovation, design, and performance.   The iPod and iPhone were revolutionary and really changed the game back in the day.  Today it’s not the iPhone that’s the coolest, it would have to be the new Samsung Galaxy or Note.  Have you seen these?  If not you better hurry before they file another law suit and ban them too.

Apple has lost their edge which used to be having the best stuff.  Now they consider law suits an effective strategy to beat their competition.  The sad thing is this will only help Samsung.  How many people will read the article that the US market is banned from having the galaxy tablet and then pay any price to have it?

The thing is Apple cannot and will never win a competition with its peers as a conventional technology company.  Their whole zeal was that their stuff was a real cut above and far superior than their counterparts.  I have described their products as the jewelry of computers.  Now with real competition how will they survive?  Filing law suits?  That won’t work.   Discount’s are next and we know what that means.

What do you think?


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