Apple: Samsung has OUR earnings

Recently the business and technology world was rocked when their favorite stock AAPL  missed analysts projected targets for 2nd quarter 2012.

The reaction to the news is what has me interested.  Apple is in an unenviable position where their biggest competition’s products and stock look like a better deal each day for consumers and investors.

I’m really trying to figure out what Apple plans to do in response to the ever strengthening Google?  I had some ideas of what they should do but I don’t think they will take my advice unless they absolutely need to.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Too big for your britches?”  Is that the problem Apple has?  Are they really just a small innovation company that has out grown itself and lost its way?

Remember when Lebron James looked like he couldn’t handle the pressure last year and he seemed to “shrink” under pressure in the NBA Finals?  Is that what happened to Apple since they were crowned the biggest company the world?  It sure seems like it.  Both their products and their stock have shrunk.  Lower sales and lower stock prices and worst yet less and even negative buzz.

Their reply to the 2Q12 miss is what is interesting to me.  They basically are saying that the $3 Billion dollar difference (approx) in their earnings is due in part to the money Samsung owes them.

This is the type of public decisions that make me wonder who is in control over there.  A lawyer always wins in divorces because they just want the process to drag out so they can charge as much money as possible, from BOTH sides.  It seems like Apple may be getting scammed by a law office or something.  Lawyers always recommend a law suit, this is what they do.  Effective leaders know better than to listen to lawyers all day.

Why are they still going on and on with this Samsung blame game thing?  It’s embarrassing, but worst it’s like a confession by Apple that it is not in control of its future.  What is to stop Samsung from “picking” on them again in the future?  If they do as a potential investor should I expect another few billion of future AAPL earnings to disappear?

The Judge already ruled they have to basically apologize for their claim that Samsung violated an Apple patent which is hilarious and classic enough.  It seems they want more.  What do you think, is Tim Cook’s Apple a glutten for punishment? Why do they love lawyers so much and not innovation?


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