Are cell phone companies the new used car salesman?

These guys are unrelenting with their extra shiny ads stocked with features you didn’t know you didn’t need with accessories you know you don’t want and plans you can’t afford.  They lure you in with promotions that promise you the best phones at a very low price only to find out that you have to sign a multi-year contract or you have to pay like 5 times the price.  AT&T even has the audacity to tell you when you are “eligible” to receive an upgrade.

Who do these phone companies think they are?  I mean after all the mergers they have all been going through or are planning to go through they probably have forgot themselves.  This is why I like skype and I may even switch to a low cost regional cell phone.  After getting cell phone bills that look like they should be car payments I think I’m tired of playing the game.

What do you think?



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