Are movies like Dark Knight Rises training psycho’s?

Lets face it.  These neo-psycho movies are instigating and encouraging violence.  The ideas and plots that we are starting to see in real life don’t come from anywhere else but the silver screen and television.  How far is this going to go before we face this problem?  How much is enough?

Unless you have been living under a rock you probably have heard of the tragedy that took place this morning in a northwest Denver suburb.  Some psycho showed up a Dark Knight Rises screening and started shooting people.  This took place at the Century 16 Movie Theaters in Aurora, CO.

NBC News reports a gunman appeared at the front of the theater, opened some canister device making a hissing sound and then started shooting people.  The device is said to have released a dangerous gas like tear-gas although this has not yet been confirmed.

God bless the family and the souls of the 12 people who are dead this morning as a result of this senseless violence.  Now everyone is asking why, how, and what could have caused this?

How long will people continue to ignore the obvious?

For years people have been going to the movies to watch films that portray some deranged insane psycho as the bad guy .  The psycho usually decides they need to meticulously plan and execute ways to hurt people.  Why?  Sometimes its revenge many times its just because they can and they enjoy it.  We have seen it in weekday prime time television dramas, we have seen it in blockbuster movies.  Are you surprised to see people acting out what they have learned?

Think about it like this.  When people live the movie it’s cool when the movie is Star Trek or Star Wars and it’s some science fiction fantasy set in outer space.  What happens when the movie is about some psychopath loser who is mad at the world so he thinks he has to kill everybody?  What convention center would hold this group?  There is a reason children are not supposed to be watching this but WHO should be watching this?

I can’t remember who made this point but it was a good one.  Basically they said why is it that movies about explicit sex can get rated X, like porn but movies that depict insane explicit violence and wanting wholesale murder can only get an R rating?  Does this make sense to you?

What do you think? Also do you plan to go see Dark Knight Rises this weekend?

CORRECTION: Amount of people dead from 14 to 12 per NBC News.


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