Are the Banksters the Real Terrorists?

Did you know Union Banking Corporation was proven to support the enemy at that time it was Hitler in the summer of 1942.  Prescott Bush was one of 7 directors of the multi-national bank.  He is also the grandfather of George W. Bush and the father of George H.W. Bush both U.S. Presidents.

Did Prescott Bush create the blueprint for HSBC?

Are today’s banksters just acting out what they learned from grand poppa Prescott Bush?

Instead of Hitler the modern day bad guy boogie man is Al Qaeda or just “Terrorism” in general or is it the Taliban?  It’s hard to tell I also keep hearing something about the Muslim brotherhood or fundamental Islamic extremists.  I’m sure new terms are being created right now.

If we really want to know who the bad guys are shouldn’t we just ask HSBC?  A report has recently been published details the bankster thugs aren’t just laundering Mexico drug money as we recently found out.  They are also supporting known terrorists organizations like Al Qaeda.

I’m sure Linette Lopez thought people would have called her a conspiracy nut when she published the article that caught fire on the interwebs.

It proves our worse nightmares are true.

The idiots behind the scene aren’t idiots they are working with the people they tell us are terrorists.  Its a set up.

So, the joke’s on you America.  Couldn’t get a loan in a pinch for your home or business in the last few years.  Oh, well banks like HSBC (and you know they weren’t the only one doing it right.) are too busy servicing the needs of terrorists.  Yeah the same ones that you are supporting the troops to go after.  Should the troops be sent to invade HSBC?  Should the execs face “harsh interrogation” techniques like water-boarding?

Jack Blum is right.  It’s time for prosecution not a deferred settlement like known crook Holder is “negotiating”.  It’s time for some Bernie Madoff style arrests, prosecutions, and sentencing.  No more write the department of Justice a big check and all problems go bye-bye.

These banksters really are insane crazed mad men.  If it was revealed that they actually are from Mars that would help explain their inhumane, callous, hurt-filled, miserable, petulant, despicable behavior.  I guess this all could have been prevented if Prescott Bush and his peers were arrested for funding Nazi’s in the 1940′s with Union Banking.   If he would have went to prison for aiding the enemy this would have set a different precedent.  Nowadays these banksters don’t live on the edge they operate and thrive on the dark side.  They are profiting by the boatload while we are literally dying in the streets.

What do you think.


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