Arizona Sheriff: Obama’s Birth Certificate is 100% fake

My goal is to encourage people to think.  It has been said that the human brain is only using about 10% of its power.  Why not turn it up a notch with your own original thoughts?   When it comes to certain topics people are ready to think freely and express ideas (SPORTS) then when it comes to other topics (POLITICS) people just repeat what they have been told.  Why is this?

What could be a bigger story than the fact that a sitting U.S. president may not even be an American?  I understand this has become a political football and everyone has taken sides like a gang war or like that fight scene in the alley from The West Side Story.

Consider the IRAQ invasion.  The whole justification for the war as presented by George W. Bush was that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11 and therefore retaliation was necessary.  Colin Powell and George Tenent went over to explain how they knew Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and showed images and diagrams and photos and all.  A very convincing presentation.

As time passed the facts surfaced that there were no WMDs as plenty of people suspected Bush’s reaction was to crack jokes as he thought it was funny and started clowning about it.  This was embarrassing and shameful as so many people lost their lives in a war that did not have to take place.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama.  The first black man in the history of America to be elected president.  The question remains who is he and where did he come from?  The credentials he has provided have been found to be fake in Arizona and even Georgia voters are suing over the same issue:  Obama’s documents are fake. 

Obama supporters will say, awe see they will do anything to get a black man out of office it’s a racial issue see that’s it and that’s all.  If you don’t BELIEVE Obama is American -you’re a racist.

So now it’s racist to double check credentials?  I don’t get it.  If you applied for a job and listed that you worked for IBM for 10 years as an account manager isn’t it just responsible to call and verify?  What if didn’t check out?  Wouldn’t that be a problem?

Remember Yahoo’s ex-executive Scott Thompson who was recently outed for lying about his credentials. He said he had a degree that he never earned.  This was revealed by simply double checking.  The executive reacted like someone was on a witch hunt at first but then he had to admit that he was not qualified and he lied.

Obama is the first BLACK person you will ever hear about who actually is AMERICAN and has problems proving it.  You have never in your life come across any genuine African-American man who has any problem proving his citizenship.

Let’s say you needed a surgery and because you are very cautious you decided to check out the Dr. who was going to do the procedure on you.  How would you react if you found that he didn’t have a valid medical license?   He has a framed document on his wall but when you call the state they say there is no record of him.  Would you still have the operation?

People step back and think for a second and think.  There is no way in hell that someone who is an American would have any issues at all proving it.  This is not a political issue it’s a common sense one.  Same logic as Bush and the WMDs he lied about.

The state of Hawaii says that all of Obama’s docs are perfect and accurate but they have no jurisdiction or ability to overrule other states.  Also where is the original birth certificate?  When did an image file become acceptable proof?  Try that at the DMV and see what happens.

Can we afford to keep believing what politicians say or is it time to start double checking and verifying?  Lies got us into the IRAQ war, lies cost us our prosperous economy, lies cost us our recovery when banksters stole all of the money.  When is it time to stop getting suckered?  What do you think?


Here’s at least 3 questions that need an answer:

1.  If Sheriff Arpaio is lying about Obama’s Birth Certificate wouldn’t this be grounds for prosecution for slander or defamation?  

2.  Why did Michelle say his home country was Kenya in a public speech?

3.  Why was this book published that says he was born in Kenya?


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  3. ehancock says:

    It is important that you think too.

    Did Sheriff Joe prove that Obama was not born in Hawaii or that he was born in a foreign country? No he did not.

    He did not even try to do that. All that he did was to claim that the birth certificate is forged. However, the officials in Hawaii deny it, and the existence of Obama’s birth certificate in 1961 is confirmed by the Index Data (a public file showing the birth certificates that are on file, showing one for Obama in 1961) and by the birth notices in the Health Bureau Statistics section of two newspapers, which as the name indicates were only sent to the papers by the DOH of Hawaii–and at the time the DOH of Hawaii only sent out such notices for the children who received birth certificates, and in 1961 only children who were born in Hawaii could receive Hawaii birth certificates.

    1. says:

      One thing I can tell you for sure that I have learned in life to measure twice and cut once.

      Why is it such an issue to double check? Once I purchased a money order and the clerk made it out for the wrong amount. I caught it before I left the post office but had I left it would have been a major issue for me.

      It seems to me the sheriff decided to double check and found out the doc he was given was a fake.

      How could a genuine document be found to be fake?

      1. ehancock says:

        A real document cannot be fake, but a fake–a liar–can claim that a real document is a fake.

        That is what we have here.

        A thinker would notice that the Sheriff is relying on the pencil notations on the birth certificate, but if the birth certificate is indeed forged, then the pencil notations would be forged too—and hence useless as evidence of anything.

        The fact that Obama was issued a birth certificate in Hawaii in 1961 is confirmed by the officials in Hawaii (both parties), the public Index Data (a public file showing the birth certificates on file) and by the birth notices in the Health Bureau Statistics sections of the papers, which at the time were sent to the papers only by the DOH of Hawaii, and the DOH only sent the notices for births in Hawaii.

        1. ehancock says:

          And, by the way, the meaning of the “9″ pencil notation that Sheriff Joe relies on does not mean “false.” He has gotten his facts wrong.

          It means “other non-white,” which is what the word “African” entered could connote. To be sure, it could have and perhaps should have been coded “Negro,” but if the coder did not know that African was probably negro, she or he would simply put down “other non-white.”