Bill Gates. A criminal or an educator?

The old 20th Century barons and tycoons that we learned about in elementary school were always portrayed as monstrous, greedy, unscrupulous, shrewd businessmen who would do anything to make another dollar.  Even if it involved lies, or death, or bribes, or corruption, or extortion, or paying off politicians, or intimidating labor.

Then the 21st Century came and everyone seems to forget what we learned.

It was considered a bad idea to have these barons in control over more and more markets and commodities.  The lesson was these guys can never be trusted because they are only concerned with THEIR own interests and they use everything they take to secure more of what they want.  We learned not to trust barons because they are wolves in sheep’s clothes they are manipulators.

So, when I saw Bill Gates on CSPAN talking about his plans for the education system I was shocked.  Here we are watching an individual who has earned a reputation as the most famous baron of the 21st century.  It was Microsoft that found it self in court over its illegal practices and bullying habits.  The courts have found Microsoft guilty of committing crimes over and over again.  Fines have been imposed by judges in  multiple countries but nothing seems to motivate this company to follow the law.

Bill Gates could not and would not be where he is today without committing crimes and now I’m supposed to listen to what he has to say about education?  History has proven his real innovation was in scheming not innovating.  What would you teach us Billy?  How to steal get caught and still get rich? Or how to bully competitors with superior products out of business?

The truth is this man only cares about his own interest which he’ll never tell.  Honesty is not something that you will get from Bill Gates.  He wants people to think he cares about Africans but in reality he wants population control.  His goal is to “help” children by sterilizing them so that they can never have a family of their own.  Bill and Melinda want people to remember them as great humanitarians but its all a fraud they really just want to accelerate this idea that starving children need birth control pills, not food and water.

Meanwhile people are continuing their exodus from Microsoft’s products.  Internet Explorer has been overtaken by competing browsers like chrome and firefox, and Apple computers continue to take their market share.  Meanwhile Bill Gates wants you to think he cares about you.  Do you really believe him?  Well an EU judge has evidence that proves that you should rethink that.  Billy says that he is innocent but was again found guilty of crime and must pay over $1 Billion dollars for illegal monopoly business practices, AGAIN.

Do you trust Bill Gates?  What do you think?


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