Boston Mayor to Chick Fil A: Get trendy or get out of town.

LYNN SWEET’s is right this Chick Fil A issue is not going away without a fight.  I believe people are drawing a line over something near and dear to their hearts, CHICKEN.

The unsaid issue on this debate is the fact Chick Fil A’ food is so delicious.  If it wasn’t a favorite of the trendies then it would be a non-issue. They can’t drop the issue because they are addicted like everyone else is who goes to Chick Fil A.  It’s the food, service, and facilities that are like a little personal touchdown every time you go.  Anytime someone takes away something you really like, you get pissed OFF.

The trendies could learn a lesson in leadership from Jay Z.  What did he do when the grammy’s discriminated against his music genre and he wanted industry to change?  He made an album so hot they had to give him a grammy award and then he boycotted the same damn awards.

When champagne maker crystal made a comment that their champagne was not for blacks what did he do?  He organized a boycott and invested in his own champagne company and promoted Ace of Spades instead of Crystal in his songs.

The problem with the neo-trendies is that they think if they can’t get their way by virtue of merit they can GO-TELL someone who will make things the way THEY want them.

It’s really a spoiled brats point of view meddling in grown up’s affairs.  What is the deal with these people like Tom Menino the mayor of Boston who wrote Chick Fil A a scathing letter basically chastising them for THEIR beliefs.  He basically told them they are not welcome in the city.

What an embarrassment  it is to see elected politicians behaving like high emperors or something.  He later had to eat his ignorant words after he realized it would be illegal to prevent Chick Fil A from doing business in Boston.  Same thing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg had to do after he said police should go on strike until Americans hand over their guns.  These guys sound like pro-wrestlers or something not representatives of Americans.


The thing to take away from this is that Bloomberg AND Menino showed you their cards.  Their true intentions are really what is concerning here.  These guys admitted if they had it their way they would ban you from the city if you don’t agree with THEIR views.  That means they don’t believe they are representing you they believe they are RULING YOU.   What do you think?  Do you feel represented or ruled by uber-trendy politicians?


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