Should boys get vaginal cancer vaccines?

Boys to get cervical cancer vaccines?  Here is another situation where we have lost our minds.  People are getting exposed to chemicals that no one else in the history of mankind needed.  Now all of a sudden in the year 2011 all humans need this chemical or that chemical or they are doomed?

People step back, take a deep breath and realize what is happening.  You are supposed to believe you need to be vaccinated against something that even if you get it won’t kill you.  I actually found more links to people reporting deaths of the Gardasil vaccine than deaths from HPV which it is supposed to prevent.  They even admit over 70 people have died after being injected with this chemical.  They also report profits.

Now they are saying that even boys need this vaccine to prevent vaginal diseases like vulvar and vaginal cancer.  Boys don’t have vulvars and vagina’s but the way things are going in our society that could change I guess.






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