British Open 2012 Can El Tigre win it?

Can Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods do it again?  I sure hope so, I have always been a big fan of Tiger woods just like the millions or maybe billions of people who have started to really pay attention to golf since he entered the scene in the late 90′s.

At about the same time Tiger was taking over golf I was actually working at a golf course.  I was doing maintenance work cutting the greens and tees and basically maintaining the entire golf course.  It was no joke but somehow It became cool to be around a golf all day.

Tiger was dominating at one point so hard that people came to expect him to win just by showing up.  They said he was not human and all of the crazy stuff they say about those who are way better than the best.  It seemed like Tiger started to believe what they said.

After getting married to a babysitter/aspiring-model he started living the life of ego, balling, and straight wilding out.  I always joked he needed to stop hanging around with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley as they are bad influences on him, they are retired and Tiger still has to get up and grind everyday.  Remember how sloppy Tiger got with it?  Did you ever hear that voicemail?  Hilarious.  The hood even weighed in and made a rap song about it.

The truth is Golf won’t allow your ego to get bigger than the game.  If you try to get too arrogant you will be brought to your knees and that is what happened to Tiger.  He wasn’t focused on the things he needed to be focused on in life or golf so it showed up in his game.

It actually looked like he had lost it if you asked me earlier this year.  I even predicted that he would never win another major based on how poorly he was playing.  I was convinced that he just isn’t himself anymore.  However, he has been winning non-major tournaments this year and leads in top 10 finishes so his performance is still the best in the PGA, just not the Champion Tiger we are used to.  This shows how much better of a golfer he is than everyone else.

So now the British Open 2012 is on. The first round is complete and Tiger has posted a very respectable 67 which basically ties him for 3′rd place.  This is usually the position Tiger takes when he wins.  He stays close and then closes the deal on Sunday.  I hope he wins that would be cool I would love to see another American kick @ss in Britain. Thanks Serena.  What do you think?  Who will win the $8Million dollar British Open purse?

Hopefully an American like Zach JOHNSON, Bubba WATSON, Scott PINCKNEY,  Or Tiger MF WOODS. 


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