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What defines America more than this word? What it stands for. Where it got popular. What it means.   Today nicksupasaur pulled off a legendary FAIL and embarrassed himself at the same time proving my point better than I ever

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Obama or Romney a how-to pick guide for Independent voters


Have you noticed that SOME people get annoyed by the idea that someone is an Independent and hasn’t made up their mind yet? Are partisans just partitions dividing Americans? Is it possible for a candidate to satisfy the People, the

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What I learned from Warrick Dunn


Ok so it’s finally time to reveal who I bumped into yesterday @StarBucks.  …drum roll please… Warrick Dunn.  If you don’t know who he is Warrick Dunn is a legendary NFL and College football running back.  He is known for

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LlenRad T-Shirts Coming Soon – Pick your favorite design


What’s up Llenrad readers.  Just want to thank you for reading the blog. You put Llenrad on page 1 on Google for search terms like WILLARD MILTON ROMNEY appreciate it. Now I need your opinion on a T-shirt idea. Which do

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#TGIF – Thank God I’m Free?


America is the only land in the world that is free.  Everyone else on the entire planet is stuck in constant oppressive bondage and slavery, right?   I mean isn’t America the only country in the world where…   1.

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Vivienne Harr: When life gives you lemons sell lemonade and end slavery.


Somewhere it is written, the youth shall lead.  Eight year old Vivienne Harr has her mind set on changing the world. Have you heard about this amazingly inspirational story? What do you think about a child having this grown up

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What’s going on? Sihk temple massacre is the second “Swing State” Mass Shooting


Chances are if there is a third shooting before the November election it will happen in one of the six remaining swing states.  So far Colorado and now Wisconsin have been victimized by these hideous attacks leaving only Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, and, Virginia

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