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Guy Fawkes Day: When there’s no rules, Know rules.


Are you trying to figure out what to get your loved one for Guy Fawkes Day? How do you plan on celebrating this very old and historic holiday? Have you ever even heard of it before today? Wouldn’t figuring out who Guy

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Non Hurricane Sandy Scares New Yorkers STRAIGHT and sets the stage for FEAR politics


S U R P R I S E ! ! !  It’s an October Hurricane in New York City. Who could have predicted that? Now that the storm has passed isn’t it time for the clowns to come out of

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Is the US Military Killing itself to Live?


Have you seen the recent news reports about increased casualties in the US Military? Who is killing more American troops than terrorists in the middle east? The US Military is already fighting a war against terrorists, insurgents, and ism/its to-be-named,

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What should Lance Armstrong rename his organization?


Why do they say you can’t con an honest man? Were we exposed for wanting to believe  too much?  Why didn’t we listen to the voice that said yeah right no old dude can win that many races. Why did

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Obama admits his support for Al Qaeda, do you?


You better not.  If you don’t want to get killed by a drone or indefinitely detained forever in some black site dark hole pit somewhere. Who knows you’ll probably get tortured into admitting who knows what.  Why would all of

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3 signs Prince Harry and his family have recolonized America.


Vindictive Britain.  That is the Answer if you are wondering what happened to this wonderful country.  If you spend any time looking at it you will quickly realize in the short amount of time that The United States has been

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Michael Phelps’ ears: Virtue is stronger than Vanity


America is both a place and an idea.  The idea is one that was founded on indestructible principles.  These virtues are the foundation of what has made this country great. Has America lost its values? What is considered virtuous these days?  Is

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