Chris Rock opens mouth, inserts toe.

Recently Chris Rock shot his mouth off like a firework on the 4th of July about white people’s day with a tweet that has the internets blazing.  Here’s what he said on twitter:




This hilarious tweet got some white people’s panties all in a bunch.  They say the truth shouldn’t make you mad but it always does.  Its like when Kanye West Said George Bush doesn’t care about black people its just not something that some people want to hear.  Especially from one of us.

Chris Rock told it like it is as he always does and once in while some people don’t get the joke and end up on the offended side.  Its like calling someone an alcoholic that drinks too much its just not funny, TO THEM.

How do I feel about his comments?  Well, I am a strong advocate for free speech and I think a self made man like Chris Rock has earned the right to say whatever the f*ck he wants to.  He’s a comedian what do you expect? Clarence Thomas?  No.  He doesn’t work for CNN you can’t suspend him like Roland Martin.

However, we have a responsibility to treat one another like the brothers and sisters that we really are.  Black people have been on the recipient side of the system’s power kicks and punches for the majority of the time we have spent in this country.    This is the frustration that some people just don’t understand or care about.   Movies like “The Help” should remind you of how far we have come in a nation that hated us for what?, building the damn country, for free?

The pink elephant in the room when the 4th of July or independence day is discussed is obviously the fact that the “framers” of the constitution denied so many people of the same rights that they fought for and desired for themselves.  It really is a sad case of irony.  To this day I wonder if America as a nation  is cursed for this original sin.  Same issue on Thanksgiving day.  Repentance is still and option.

Years ago Chris Rock was right when he said that health care companies will never find cures for diseases because there is no money in that.  I just wish he would have talked about the injustices that are happening right now instead of a century ago.  Well less than a century ago did you know black people were still forced to work as slaves as late as 1942 on sugar cane fields? Yeah that happened.

I wish that Chris Rock had talked about the current 2012 injustices though.  I wish he mentioned the black and brown people in Harlem and Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island who are now being striped of their rights yet again in a policy called “Stop and Frisk”.  Yeah the Bloomberg policy where the  corrupt NYPD can detain and search anyone if they want to in a direct violation of basic civil rights that hasn’t been seen in America since the 60′s in this country.  Where’s Jesse Jackson?  Remember Jena 6?

I wish he talked about the fact that Obama led America into an invasion of an independent African Nation that resulted in thousands of deaths. Libya was “liberated” into civil war even after Obama said that he was not after regime change.  The leader of the nation was killed and the country destroyed.  Most Americans don’t even know it happened.

The outrage here is that this is all happening WITH A BLACK PRESIDENT.  Now I’m sure Chris wants to say the politically correct thing in the eye of Obama but I wish he would have really told it like it is and really did the right thing.  He still has time though.  What do you think?


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