Congress: The U.S. Attorney General is a Criminal and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Eric Holder is a crook.  So says the United States Congress but the same group is admitting that there is nothing they can do about it.  They have requested documents from The U.S. Attorney General Holder he has turned over some congress wants more, he says nope.

This whole series will be revealing to who has the real power in this country.  I noticed this article that seemed to project the idea that there is nothing that congress can do.  The article claims that the House of Representatives could arrest Holder for criminal contempt of congress but that if they tried there could be a stand off between Congressional Police and the FBI who the writer says “protects Holder.”

This already should tell you plenty about how things go.  The writer lets the cat out of the bag that the FBI agents don’t work to protect the law or the constitution they work to protect individual officials.  Even if those people are wanted for crimes.

The only reason why I am picking on Holder is that he picked on the farmers and people who just want to eat natural food.  Never before would you even imaging that United States federal agents would invade farmers with arms drawn over milk.  Holder did that.

People may not believe it but yes it’s true and it is a pattern that has appeared in fury under this attorney general.  Why was “HIS” agents on these people’s private property?  Surely it was some newly created fine print regulation or policy that THEY say is important and causing harm.  No law, no one, complaining but yet in still these people had their property raided and their food and possessions destroyed.

So, what should the representatives of the people of America do about this?  If you don’t eat the food they say you should then they are raiding you.  If you get caught trafficking cocaine and automatic riffles to Mexico that directly result in the senseless murders of U.S. Border patrol agents if you’re Eric Holder its all good.  Is that justice?

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