Criminal Justice: Why is American manufacturing under attack by the FEDS?

NATO was signed by Bill Clinton in the 90′s and since then manufacturing has declined raplidly in America.  Communities have been stripped of the mills, plants, and factories that supported them for generations.

Why is this trend continuing in America?

What is pressuring American plants to close and move overseas or else?

Was Gibson Guitar the latest victim of this?

The talking heads want people to know that in order to protect them from everything in the world that could happen heavy federal regulations are needed on all American Industry and activity.

Even the regulations that are not even apart of the protection of our country somehow must be enforced.

Last year the FEDS raided Gibson Guitar facilities like they were looking for the mafia or something over some wood they claim was illegally imported.

The weird part is that the wood is not illegal here is it is related to some impossible to understand law in Madagascar or India.

Yeah this is what the government is doing with your tax dollars.

Meanwhile no banker has been charged in the 2008 financial crash which erased millions of people’s life savings due to fraud.  The IMF Global robbery is not investigated and the LIBOR crooks are just chilling like everything is cool.

Why does this happen?  Why is the justice department acting like a criminal organization?

Oh… that’s right it is a criminal organization.  Eric Holder was found by congress to be an out right criminial earlier this year.  So is this just another criminal act by boss-hog-outlaw Holder?

If he is in the position to arrest people and throw them in jail and he is the thug what do you expect?

Criminals prey on people that abide by the law and earn their money isn’t this what Gibson Guitar does?  Who in their right mind thinks that this company is in any way a criminal organization by manufacturing their awesome guitars using rare woods?

Well the bully thug Holder thinks they are so that’s just how it goes.  Too bad right now it’s basically whatever he says goes since he is still the head of the Justice Department even though he has been outed as a corrupted thug in a fancy suit.

Should we get used to this rougue justice?  Why is it that the FEDS are picking on American companies?

What do you think?


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