Dale Earnhardt Jr. wins NASCAR nation thrives

I can’t tell you how happy I was to hear that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won a NASCAR race and he did it on Father’s day.  Talk about timing.  Talk about meaning.

Listen.  I’m not a gigantic NASCAR fan per se but I like it.  I have been watching it for years on and off and I used to always watch the Daytona 500.  I’ll never forget watching in shock as they announced the result of the crash Dale Sr. had on turn #3 on the last lap of the race.  This is just insane to even comprehend.  However it did happen and since then there has been a huge group of fans who started pulling harder for Dale Jr. and yeah I’m one of them.

I also have to say the way things were handled as far as what got out publicly after his father passed was not cool to me.  The animosity type scenario that his mother-in-law allowed to happen was shameful.  She may have been his father’s (Dale Sr’s) wife but she didn’t give Jr. life or teach him how to drive a race car.  Dale Sr. did that.  Anyway it was just rough to see a negative bad break type separation from the brand that his father built, it’s just not right.  Dale Jr. should be carrying on that legacy.

So now what will the Dale Jr. haters do? Well, I’m sure they’ll find something to occupy their time. I just hope Dale keeps it going and proves all the naysayers wrong, again.  Now watch for the big name sponsors to ring up the man and start the hype comparisons again. Dale should remember how they left him hanging the last couple years.

Its good to see the underdog win, we needed some good news.   The man who has earned a reputation as a down to earth and humble man has finally got his due.  What do you think?


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