David the Betrayer strikes AGAIN!

What’s the deal with David Petraeus?

Is there a reason why something doesn’t seem quite right with him?

What does all of this have to do with what happened in Benghazi and what does that have to do with Muammar Gaddafi?


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke,

Magicians often use a slight of hand trick where the point is to keep the audiences attention on the distraction so that they don’t realize the coin never disappeared they just simply put it in their pocket.

Is David Petraeus a magician?

If he is that would be a better explanation of whats been happening in the life of a man who has become a linchpin for colossal issues in America.

Is David Petraeus a betrayer?

That question is a little bit more difficult to answer.  I guess the best answer is “it depends”.  It’s all about WHO you are.  Are you:

  • Someone who supports wars?  Well you probably don’t consider David Petraeus a betrayer at all.  You probably damn near worship the dude and consider him a Legendary super awesome war hero legend King.
  • Someone who opposes wars?  Well you probably still remember that STINGING ad from MoveOn.org  that ask the question is it David Petraeus or David Betray US?  Americans sill to this day remember how David turned his back on the American people in order to make War W Bush happy.  He was rewarded with the promotion he has now from Bush. (CLICK HERE to see the full size original “betray us” ad)
  • Holly Petraeus, David’s wife?  Well NOW, you know your husband David betrayed you but you probably still don’t consider him a betrayer.  At least not publicly.
  • President Barack Obama?  It’s a complicated.  Who buys this he cheated and resigned story?  I think there has to be a feeling of betrayal somewhere on some level or is this all just a distraction from something else?  Something much bigger.


I don’t know for sure what’s going on I just know what’s at stake, I see who the players are, and I don’t forget what they say. It’s very interesting the timing of how everything is playing out when you look closely at the big picture:
  • First Barack Obama says he is not after “Regime Change” in Libya
  • Then he says he is and supports a foreign coup led by rebels who are actually terrorists 
  • Then the US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens is killed and it’s revealed he was the one actually running guns to the “rebels/terrorists”.
  • Then the head of the CIA David Petraeus resigns days before he was expected to testify on WTF is going on in Libya.
Talk about smelling something fishy.
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Let this story be a lesson to the youth.  Tell the truth.  In the end it’s much easier to do and you don’t have to keep up with the lies that require you to keep coming up with new lies to cover up all the old lies.
The government is obviously caught lying about what happened in Libya and is just trying to cover up the fact that the United States is still all about colonial conquest.  Libya is just another example and victim of this.  Christopher Stevens is like a modern day Christopher Columbus.  He arrived on a jet instead of a sailboat but he discovered “opportunities” for his “Kingdom” on a foreign land in another man’s hand.  He wanted to be welcomed with kindness even though he plotted violence.   Well, if you live by the sword you won’t die from a spider bite.  

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Was the Libya invasion just retaliation like a mob hit?  Did you see Muammar Gaddafi’s last Speech at the UN?

American Hypocracy rages.  Obama is a trip.





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