Dr. BigPharma is ready to see you now.

Who would go and visit a doctor that obviously looked crazed out of his mind?  What if you didn’t know until it was too late?  What if your doctor was just as insane as the guy in the photo but there was no way for you to tell?  What if he was trained or “schooled” if you will, so that you’d never notice the fact that he was corrupted inside like a zombie by Big Pharma hush money?

What if what made your doctor lose his mind was the system he served for cash?  The same system that has “approved treatments” that continues to cause over 100,000 Americans deaths per year.  I thought doctors were supposed to do no harm?

What if you were never informed of the real risks and instead a rosy picture of how it will all be great and awesome was portrayed by fraudulent lab test results and television commercials?  What if you believed them and didn’t actually research the side effects of the drugs yourself?

Well, you would probably end up dead or maybe you’ll just get Guillain Barre or Alzheimer’s disease or maybe paralysis.  It’s worth a roll of the dice right?  I mean it’s only your life and well geez you are pro choice right?  So maybe someone has chose your life should end if you’re dumb enough to take poison disguised as medication?  Maybe this is just a Darwin’s theory experiment, the prescription edition.

The Tuskegee experiment was a research program conducted by the U.S. Government where people were injected with a disease and other chemicals, then they were monitored to see what would happen.  The “mad scientists” conducting the experiments learned how to handle people complaining of the adverse effects from their drugs during experimentation.

All signs point to the same type of program happening again in 2012 but on a worldwide scale.  What happened to the “scientists” and politicians who ran the Tuskegee experiments?  How did their research become our policy?

Recently the three biggest pharmaceutical companies have all been caught red handed pushing amazingly dangerous drugs on trusting and desperate medical patients.  Johnson & Johnson got caught with Risperdal, a powerful mind altering drug that has killed who knows how many people.  GlaxoSmithKline got caught pimping Paxil and Wellbutrin two more psychotropic chemical cocktails with a reputation for death.  Merck got caught pushing Vioxx AGAIN, even though they have already been caught killing people with it over fifteen years ago.

My question for you is, are you ready to see Dr. BigPharma now?  He has fresh vaccines made up just for you.  Come on now you know you want one-don’t’ you?


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