Fear Obamney Care? Will the IRS and Big Pharma come after you?

What does freedom mean?  If this is the land of the free it sure is hard to tell these days.  Today the Supreme court announced that the so called “obama care” health care law is constitutional.  The ruling basically stated that the government can force additional “health” taxes on people if they want.

The reaction to the news by the markets was clear.  All sectors were down a few hours after the announcement:


The government can now send the IRS after you for not buying heathcare or paying your new health care tax.  Think about that for a second.  All for government healthcare that doesn’t cover pre existent conditions for children.
People don’t understand what they are getting in to do they?  Talk to an honest health care professional and they will tell you the whole industry is run by big pharma .  The “healthcare” that people think they are getting is really a pill dispensary factory.

I know the politicians made grandma think that everything would be fine but nope it won’t be.  The government is now in charge and will determine how little care they’ll provide and get away with it.

The health care industry lobbyists who pushed and wrote this bill protect what is best for the COMPANIES that pay them.  Do not expect to get access to specialists for procedures that your doctor says you need.  The poor persons health care policy covers basically nothing.  Don’t believe me?  Ask someone who see’s patients.

However Barrack wants you to “SAY” you like it.  Check out this add I noticed on google:

What product or service will the government mandate next?  Since the Supreme court has now ruled O’Romneycare constitutional and the government can make you buy health care insurance or tax you for it.  Which industry will be the first to follow?  Who doesn’t want a turn key deal?  I’m sure the energy industry would love to tax your check for your light bill and gasoline purchases.

With this type of this precedent what’s next?  What do you think?


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