Gabby Douglas’ Golden RULES

I remember when Dominique Dawes became the only black athlete to win an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics.  It was a thrilling moment of accomplishment for her and the country.

Dominique Dawes attributed her success to a concept she calls ‘D3′ which stands for determination dedication desire.  This is an amazing idea that she credits with driving her to Olympic gold.  That and the fact that she absolutely loved what she was doing.

Gabby took notice.

Watching her and Dominique talk after her historic victory was an emotional experience for me too as I am a huge fan of the idea of living your dreams.  I can’t believe how squishy and giggly I felt watching this like a 6 year old kid or something.  …didn’t exptect that but it did feel kinda cool.

I haven’t spoke to Gabby yet but from my observations of her amazing accomplishment I have noticed some rules that seem to be driving her success.

Here are the Gabby Douglas Golden Rules for Success:

1.  Don’t worry about what they say focus on what you have to do.

It’s true haters are going to hate.  Critics are going to Criticize.  That’s just how it is.  The naysayers did what they do when it came to Gabby too.  They spoke about her struggles prior to the Olympics and speculated on her even making the team.

Now that she is GOLDEN haters do what they do and distinguish themselves by their embarrasing behavior.  The interewebs are on fire talking about how her hair looked.  It’s hilarious but that’s just how SOME people are.  Don’t worry about em Gabby almost half of facebook users are FAKE so who knows it’s probably just these bots talking to each other.  My advice tell em’ if they are worried about your hair check it out on the new Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box, B1TCHES.  


2.  When you want to quit double your commitment.

Gabby had challenges to overcome in her personal life just like everyone else.  It was her sister who finally convinced her mom to enroll her in gymnastics.  The result was immediate domination in local competitions that “promoted” her to train away from home for national competitions.  This strain caused her to want to quit as home sickness set in and gymnastics became a grind.

She responded by doubling down on her commitment and dedication to training and now we see the results.


3.  Smile and have fun.

People always like the people who like to smile.  Louis Armstrong was right the world does smile with you.  I’m happy that the world is now smiling back at you Gabby you definitely brought us a great deal of joy that we will never forget.

Her smile is infectious and hopefully haters won’t create a vaccine.  We all need to be infected.

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