Genetically Modified Children born with three parents. God save us.

One of the things I noticed when I was studying history/humanities was that each millennium was defined by a complete change in reality for all people living on earth.  The first millennium was the life of Jesus Christ.  The second Millennium was the discovery that the earth was not flat.

Now we are twelve and a half years into the 21st Century, the third Millennium and I have always been trying to keep a look out for what will be the defining moment.  Genetics is something I have been watching closely, I have been paying attention and I have noticed the envelope continually getting pushed.

First it was announced that these scientists had cloned a sheep, “dolly”.  This happened actually late in the end of the second Millennium  June 1996. I knew then that the defining moment of the next millennium would be genetics involving humans.  It’s obvious this is the desired end to these animal cloning programs.  These scientists are exactly like the movies, crazy as a damn June bug.

When it was announced this week that thirty genetically modified children have been born I was shocked.  The circumstances surrounding this is also very concerning.  These creeped out scientists and doctors are now offering gentic modification as a treatment for reproductive health.

That’s right.  Cain’t have a baby how about a genetically mutated one?  One that litterly has genes from 3 parents instead of 2.  What do you think this can lead to?  What does this do to life on earth?  What starts off as a treatment usually leads to wide scale use so what will our world look like when millions of GM youth take power in about thrity years? Oh yeah there are plenty of couples having problems conceiving who are already being sold on test tube solutions and In vitro fertilization. How long before genetic modification is recommended?  So far 30 people have already opted to try it and have born a genetically modified child.

Do you think anyone is thinking about this in New Jersey where this test lab is located?

People are lured each and every time by our lack of virtue into evil traps that cause us great harm in the end.  I pray god save us all.  What do you think?


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