George Zimmerman: Bomb IRAN now ask questions later. #Obamney & Bush agree

What is the difference between the foreign policy decisions that George Zimmerman would make versus the existing President or the presumptive republican nominee?  This is at least one thing that Barack, George, and Mitt all agree on, shoot first ask questions later.

What do you think George Zimmerman would do if he could control bombers over IRAN?  You remember George don’t you he’s the “rent-a-cop” that confronted and killed an unarmed 17 year old Trayvon Martin for walking down the street with a hoodie on in his family’s neighborhood.  He had the wrong look.  Very suspicious, and terroristy.  People in the middle east wear clothing on their heads too.  Makes them a target there made Trayvon a target here.

What would be the difference between Zimmerman and Bush then?  They’re both George’s.  Do you think Bush would hesitate to Bomb ANOTHER middle eastern country?  I doubt Zimmerman would either. Did you know Obama has been killing people with drones instead of locking them up like Bush did?   There are reports that Obama has a “terrorist” kill list and instead of detaining civilians in secret prisons he just kills them if he wants.  This is his “Do process.”

What have we become in America?  What makes us special these days?

When did we become the murderous bullies of the globe? Maybe its the insane clown posse politicians?  Now we see reports that our weapons contractors are so blood thirsty for death and money that they are looking to arm countries outside of the U.S.  even though the arms could land in the hands of “enemies”.   It seems obvious now that we have become a wanting warmongering state.  The doublespeak media will tell you what ever you want to hear to “justify” another war.  Conservatives will be told what they need to hear and liberals will do whatever Obama says.  People will be killed but shut up the NFL season is about to start.

My grandmother always said it takes one to know one so what does that mean when George Bush says Iran is an Axis of Evil?  How else would he know?  Well his record speaks for itself.  There is nothing good that anyone I talk to can remember about him.  The country has been in shambles ever since he left and has not recovered.

Who is really evil when in our own media the idea of invading Iran is now seen as a good opportunity to make money in the stock market?  What happened to us?  Is it too late to save America?  Can we stop the IRAN war?  What do you think?


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