GlaxoSmithKline caught hardcore Thuggin’, Still wants you to take their Vaccines though.

Why would you ever trust a thug?  I know some and one thing about them is that you cannot trust them.  Its not that they are just untrustworthy its that they always put themselves in situations where they always “need” to commit crimes in order to get out of the situation THEY put themselves in.

Thug logic works like this.  1)Remain in an obvious bad area where there are no jobs.  2)Refuse to relocate or obtain new skills or learn trades to make yourself more marketable.  3)Accept the reality that the only way to can take care of yourself is to commit crimes like selling drugs or scamming people.  4)Eventually end up shot or in jail from this piss poor logic and decisions.

Now we are seeing Thug Logic in full form on wall street.  These traits are hard to hide and easy to recognize.  When you see stories in the news like GlaxoSmithKline a huge drug company pleading GUILTY to fraud its shocking.   You don’t expect to see so called legitimate companies carrying on like two bit thugs standing by the convenience store. However, that is what is really happening.  What are we going to do about it?

This crime was committed by a Thug Business or Thugs in a business?  Either way who will go to jail for the CRIME? 

Somebody needs to go to jail.  The question is who will be chosen to win the locked up for scamming and drugging the public sweepstakes?  Dr. Drew is responsible for his role too.  Oh yeah there is a story connecting the MTV sex doctor to this amazing scam.  This whole thing should be on an episode of American Greed.  Dr. Drew got paid to promote GSK drugs to people knowing that this was a benefit to the company not what the patient needed.  Shame on you Dr. Drew turn yourself in and return the money they gave you, B1tch.

The moral to the story is don’t believe thugs unless you want to be scammed or worse.  The most successful drug company can’t make a buck without using deception and scams to convince the public to take their crap.  Now they still want you to take their vaccines for everything but a stubbed toe.  You don’t have to deal with that scam either.  They may say its the law but that’s just another crime.  You can opt out of “mandatory vaccines” just search for the vaccine opt out form.  Don’t let these crooks make a guinea pig out of you and your family.  Peace.


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