Good Cop

Someone has to do the right thing.  People can be terrible followers this after all is our most despicable trait.  It seems there is nothing we won’t do especially if someone else “told us to do it.”

History has proven that the so called powerful  are always surrounded by people they demand pledge their power to them.  Its ironic because the “little” people who  think they are powerless actually have the power these authoritarian types want.  Its like stacking up 5 thousand AA batteries to power a giant laser beam.

Blinded followers who don’t question unscrupulous leaders  won’t realize there in trouble until they are off the cliff.

You would never eat food that you knew stinks.  Why follow orders that do the same?  Have people really been desensitized so that natural responses to garbage is somehow welcomed as food.  Could this be a coincidence?

Looks like poop smells like poop must be Chitlins

Here’s an example.  In 2011 black people are still eating a disgusting dish called chitterlings which are  pig intestines,  and when cooking smell exactly like feces. Legend says the slaves originally ate chitterlings as a means to survive because the slave owners would not provide food for the slaves to eat.  The phenomenon is that people who could choose to eat fresh meat still eat this trash today.

What does this mean to our current events.  What things have we been conditioned to “eat” like black Americans?  Maybe its all a game to those in charge to get the people to accept chitterlings in exchange for the steaks they deserve?

The good news is individuals have always sacrificed to benefit other people.  These selfless acts have always been the hope for all humanity.  We thank the Police Captain Ray Lewis for doing the right thing.  It is after all what we the people have all been waiting for.


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