Guy Fawkes Day: When there’s no rules, Know rules.

Are you trying to figure out what to get your loved one for Guy Fawkes Day?

How do you plan on celebrating this very old and historic holiday?

Have you ever even heard of it before today?

Wouldn’t figuring out who Guy Fawkes is be a good place to start?


I don’t know how the holiday will be treated officially in the US because I called my Bank today and they were open.  Maybe my state isn’t celebrating Guy Fawkes day like how Arizona doesn’t celebrate the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.


To answer this question is kind of like that old routine of who’s on first?  The answer to the question itself a question, Anonymous.  Maybe that’s who’s was on first.

Here’s some facts About this Guy from Wikipedia:

  • Guy Fawkes lived in the 16th and 17th century in Spain, Europe, and New York
  • He was part of a plot to assassinate King James I
  • Has been commemorated in England since November 5th 1605 where his effigy is traditionally burned on a bonfire w/ fireworks
  • He was outed by an Anonymous letter informing the authorities that he was guarding the explosives to be used to kill the King

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Yeah its all about Anonymous.  

The 2012 version is a group of extremely talented computer programmers with a penchant for taking down websites that they consider to be enemies or bullies of the little guy.  They’re kind of like a new age Super Hero gang or something without a comic book.  There, I got it:


If this was true wouldn’t it be a cool?

I hate to say it but looking at the way things are going there is very little justice being served these days by the king and his men at the top.

Big Banks have “Normalized” their stealing and are so good at settling their crimes with the Prime thug that its now just a line item in their operating budgets.

These bankster crooks have patented a system where they alone hold the exclusive license to commit crimes like money laundering, fraud, and theft.

They operate an upgraded optimized mafia where almost everyone with real influence or leverage is in on the take.  They pay off “the people’s” elected representatives  and reduce them to the role of “look out” for the cartel.  With a racket set up this well who’s going to stop them ?

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Well if he can’t I can’t tell you who else will.

The fact that you don’t know who is behind Anonymous is unsettling as it could be government agents or anyone behind the group.  That was the last lesson the original Guy Fawkes learned wasn’t it?  However, I guess the best way to judge the tree is by it’s fruit.  So lets take a look a some of Anonymous’ recent activities:

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The buzz started with this tweet from anonymous:

Announced plans:

  • Anonymous plans marches on Parliament in London
  • Anonymous reportedly plans to shut down facebook
  • Anonymous started the Occupy Wall Street movement

Here’s some recent Anon Twitter activity:

Guy Fawkes promotes being a good neighbor. Guy Fawkes responds to requests? Guy Fawkes plans peaceful march Guy Fawkes says its not about him it's an idea:

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I think its clear to say we are witnessing the second civil rights movement.  I was speaking to some young people recently and I had to remind them of one fact that will forever remain true.  People without rights CANNOT vote themselves into getting them.  That’s like a drowning man swimming his way to safety.

I can’t say what will happen but it just seems too easy for the government to come in at any point and do something that they’ll blame on Anonymous.  Once this happens then they’ll try to say anyone connected to them is some how an “accessory”.

Enough of what I think how do you feel about Anonymous activism?  What pros and cons do you see in their activities like taking big corporate websites down?

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