Happy Thanks Taking

This year is the start of a new tradition a start of renewal.  Why don’t we live and die clean?  Why not begin today being the people we want to be? Could we create the land we always wanted for ourselves and future generations?  Why not tell the truth about thanksgiving to the young people this year?  Isn’t Thanksgiving the great American  double-cross genocide?

Why do we look to those who stood for what was right with such awe?  What is it about these people we admire so much?  What is it they are trying to tell us?

Think about it. When people say something is not right don’t they really they mean something is not true?  Carpenters describe boards that are straight and without warps as true.  Shouldn’t we move in the direction of truth?  Excellence is something many people say they are in the pursuit of.  Isn’t truth what excellence is all about?  Think of truth in the world of structural design engineering, etc.  Truth equals success. lies equal failure.

Thanksgiving is the story of what happened when a group of people did the right thing and helped those in dire need.  The helpers assumed that those they were helping had the same intentions.  They were wrong.  The people they helped spoke of freedom and justice, the deception was they wanted it only for themselves.

Is it a good idea to pick up every hitch hiker?

Its my observation that the good will always be easy taking for the deceivers.  There has always been a balance between helping the next man and being aware that that very same man could kill you.  Why?  Well you need to understand the story of the snake and the frog.  What if the good people in the world considered the past when making their new decisions?

The deceivers want everyone to believe they possess some skill other than deception.  It is the oldest and weakest way to get what you want.  Tell a lie.  What would the land look like in a place led by men who told lies instead of upholding truth?  Well look around for yourself.

The American land was once a place where random people could and did come.  It was once a place that provided food, shelter and clothing to strangers for no other reason than it was the right thing to do.  The new rulers would now arrest anyone arriving at this land seeking food, help or shelter. Nowadays they call it homeland security and border patrol.  So it seams maybe we have seen two ends of the spectrum.

What do you think?


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