Have we forgot America on Independence day?

Yeah I know.  This may seem controversial to some people but who cares.  My job is to tell it like it is and let the chips fall as they may.  Some may prefer to watch another replay of that old women’s Jubilee, whatever that is.

The issue is the fourth of July is supposed to be a celebration of our wonderful countries independence in 1776 but I think we have forgot the point.

When you look around you see advertisements from company’s that used to be American but now are just posing as American companies.

You may have noticed these patriotic ads or packaging from Budweiser and Miller.  How many people are aware that neither of these legendary American brands are actually American owned anymore?  That means the money made from these companies ends up you got it offshore in some other country.  South African Brewery purchased Miller years ago and Belgian’s IMBEV purchased Anheuser-Busch. That right your favorite beer isn’t even American.  Budweiser is Belgium and Miller is African. Didn’t know?  Now you do.

Some may say well that’s not my favorite American Beer.  Some may say I love COORS. Well sorry, same problem there.  Coors was purchased by Molson a Canadian company, they then merged with SAB Miller.  No disrespect to Canada but this isn’t American.  But the 4th of July has to be the most important American holiday.  It was only the start of country.  When the original patriots told the British to take their King and his “Jubiliee” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

One of the things that I wonder about is the advertisements they run talking about supporting “OUR” troops.  What troops are they talking about?  These countries all have standing armies and troops of their own.  The idea that they advertise in our communities saying they support troops is very curious.

Now that we know these are all foreign companies when they say “Our” they must be talking about their own troops, right?  Do you think the Canadians are talking about American Marines when they say they support “our” troops?  If so their own “troops” must feel pretty bad about that.  Have you seen any of these advertisements?  What do you think about it are they supporting our troops?  Do we need foreign countries supporting out troops?


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