Why no one cares about MLB & the NBA

So the NBA is on strike and MLB is in the WORLD SERIES to determine who is the 2011 WORLD CHAMPION.  If you don’t know then that’s probably because you are like the majority of people I know and just don’t care.

Here’s a few reasons no one cares about Major League Baseball or the NBA regular season.



[box type="info"] Baseball you idiots your season starts AND ends with snow on the ground. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW STUPID you make your fans look? They look so sad to be dressed up like they are at a great football game only to actually be at a slow moving extra boring baseball game.[/box]

[box type="info"] What is the Prison complex issue with the Referees? If you complain about a call in the wrong way then your punished? That’s garbage. The referees act like they are RULING over the players or something. I have seen games where RASHEED WALLACE was given a technical foul for looking at a referee. Baseball why in the world are your referees so ANGRY? [/box]

[box type="info"] Way too many games. Over 240 games between the two regular seasons, that is crazy. Your leagues are supposed to be attractive to the broad public not just the one percenters.[/box]


what do you think?


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