Homeland Security special agent: “Napolitano is a perverted power freak.”

Wow.  Have you heard the latest breaking news about the big government top official Janet Napolitano?

Do you think it’s possible the shocking accusations that have been made about her are true?

What do you think she will say as her defense?  Don’t they always say, “It’s political “?

Wouldn’t this be another non-story if the government didn’t have this new “department” in its endless “store”of goodies?

What does the FBI and the CIA and the MILITARY do?  That’s what I remembered thinking when it was announced that a new department of the government was being created.  Like these guys are incapable or something.

It’s like, Awesome.  Here comes another endless batch of government invoices that the people have to pay.

Trendies aka Democrat liberal George Bush republicans think it’s a good idea to continuously give the government MORE money and MORE power.  They cheer for it.  They think it will be awesome.  The reason why is they are conned into it by people who make money off of it like Micheal Chertoff.  Yeah, SURE he recommends that everyone gets x-rayed at the airport why?  He sells the damn machines.

When Penn State got too big and drunk with power and corruption they got to a point where they were raping kids and covering it up.  So there is a pattern that exists for comparison.

What has Janet Napolitano’s “Department of Homeland Security” been doing lately I wonder?

Well let’s see there are people who have accused them of you got it, RAPE.  In fact it got so bad that a congresswomen actually created a report documenting the criminal behavior and incidents.

What is it about power that corrupts people to feel as though they have an indiscriminate right to molest anyone they wish?  We have seen this department victimize our all time T.V. stars like William Shatner and our current hit music makers like Nikki Manaj.

Meanwhile ms nasty girl Janet gets to come out on television and act like she isn’t “Allegedly” living the life of a power freak sex pervert.  Her leadership obviously is visible by looking at her results.  It starts at the top. What else have they been up to?

Well, BRUCE GOLDING broke this amazing story on DRUDGE that sounds like a prime time drama plot or something.  The law suit was filed by James T. Hayes Jr., a special agent in New York City.  It accuses Napolitano of  engaging in  “numerous” acts of “sexually offensive behavior” intended to “humiliate and intimidate male employees”.

Wow, doesn’t this sound exactly like the main complaint people have about TSA?  How did it become a joke to tell TSA to not touch your junk?  Could it be the leader of the department is into this kinda stuff?

This is all I want the Democrat liberal George Bush republicans to understand.  If it wasn’t for the department of homeland security this story would never have happened.  In fact the only thing that wouldn’t have happened would be con men like Chertoff wouldn’t be have millions of dollars from self dealing.

Maybe you or your family would have some of that money and your junk would have never been touched?



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