How Apple monetized evil.

These freaking companies man they are relentless aren’t they?  How do you justify what Apple is doing right now?  What should civilized people do about what is happening right in front of our eyes?

Is SIRI and the apps store worth it?

What does this say about human compassion and values in the twenty first century?  What is the difference between good and evil?  Do we not know or don’t care? What’s worse?

Apple is making major headlines as it is now reportedly the most valuable company and has a potential value of $1 Trillion dollars.  Making it the most valuable company of all time as some are reporting.  Obviously Apple could not be #1 of all time if you adjusted money for inflation but it sounds very impressive just the same.

The point is how did they get here?  Was it through revolutionary innovation or just plain old fashion exploitation?

Isn’t this what we should expect from a company who’s logo is the apple from GENESIS with a bite taken out of it.  The first act of evil committed in eden right?  I know you trendies know something about the bible don’t you?


Here is how Apple monetized evil:


1.  They made morality and profitability mutually exclusive concepts.

This means they believe they cannot make money unless they are inflicting pain or hurting someone else.  The money they get is simply the pain they have caused, cashed in.  The more people that suffer in their FOXCONN suicide slave factories the more profit they claim.  Sure, they could have a pain free business model AND make money but they seem dead set against that.  Why?  They are evil they’re Greedy.

2.  The proved everything that glitters aint gold.

They have tricked the public into thinking their product is so important that it makes since to sit out on the street like a homeless person waiting for a one.  Meanwhile the costs of the phone is enough to feed a homeless person for a month.  The old saying is still true though everything that glitters is not gold.  Their stock nor their iPhone is worth the price of one once of gold today and I predict it never will be.  These gadgets are just toys for adults who really should grow up.  The world needs responsible grown ups today more than ever.

3.  They made exploitation en vogue.

It used to be frowned upon for companies to operate sweatshops and then mark up products to American consumers, now apparently it is in style.  What’s the difference between Nike paying a worker a few pennies to make a pair of Air Jordan’s and Apple paying a dollar or two for a worker to make an iPhone?  I guess it’s kind of like how they say if you are really nice to a girl she won’t talk to you but if you are a mean to her then she’ll love you?  Is that what is going on here?  Also, how did they get the Starbucks drinking trendies that buy their products to overlook their atrocity ridden record?   They made it cool.   Kinda like how the Stop Kony campaign made an African invasion look cool.



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